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Delete Pool Snapshots on OES2 Linux Server


January 7, 2008 8:45 pm

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by Vijayababu Dandi

Utility for deleting pool snapshots on a OES2 Linux Server.


  1. Perl must be installed and running on the Linux server where this utility will be used.
  2. NSS must be installed to get the VFS support.

    (The SDK for this API set can be downloaded from


This tool can be used to delete:

  1. Specified Pool Snapshot
  2. Snapshots taken on particular pool
  3. All Snapshots on OES2 Linux server.

It uses Virtual File Services (Originally called Virtual File Services for NetWare) for the deletion of the Snapshots.

How to use the utility:

From a terminal prompt type:

Perl <enter>

Following menu will be displayed:

  1. Delete pool snapshot
  2. Delete all pool snapshots
  3. Delete snapshots taken on particular pool
  4. Exit

A sample output on selecting 1 would be:

<Lists all the pool snapshots existing on the machine and prompts snapshot name to be deleted>

Select action: 1
Snapshot Name : SNAP1
Snapshot Name : SNAP2
Snapshot Name : SNAP3
Snapshot Name : SNAP4
Snapshot Name : SNAP5

Enter the Snapshot name: snap5
Delete Snapshot SNAP5(Yes/No): Yes
If the user provides “Yes” as input, the utility will delete the snapshot.
pool snapshot SNAP5 deleted

A sample output on selecting 2 would be:

Select action: 2
Delete all pool snapshots (Yes/No): Yes
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP1
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP2
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP3
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP4

A sample output on selecting 3 would be:

Select action: 3
Existing Pools:
Enter the Pool Name: pool1
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP2
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP3

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