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Formativ Applet: Default HTML Font Properties



June 2, 2005 9:34 am






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This solution makes it possible for GroupWise users to specify extended default HTML font properties for new email messages. Out of the box, GroupWise lets you specify the font face and size to be used for all new messages. This solution extends the default settings you may specify to include font color and the bold attribute.

After installing the solution and restarting GroupWise, a new menu item, ‘Default HTML Font Properties’, appears under the GroupWise ‘Tool’ menu. Select this menu item to display the new default font properties dialog. This dialog lets you specify the font face, font size and font color to be used for all new HTML email messages. You may also specify the bold font attribute.

After specifying the font properties and pressing OK, new HTML messages you create will use these font properties for the body of the message.

You may disable the applet by accessing the settings dialog via the GroupWise Tools menu and uncheck the ‘Use the following default properties when creating HTML email’ check box.

*The installation file contains one or more Formativ Applets, a brief help file and any data required by the solution.

Note: To run the free Applets available on this page, you will need to install one of the Formativ products below:

  • Runtime – For GroupWise users.
    Formativ Runtime is a low cost framework for running an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.
  • Creator – For GroupWise power users and developers.
    Formativ Creator enables rapid GroupWise enhancement, customization and creation of enterprise solutions. Creator can also run Formativ solutions, including those available from Formativ Applet Central.

Visit the Formativ Applet Central site for more free solutions. h_link-arrow.gif

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