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GroupWise Mailbox Size Parser (GWCHECK.LOG)


December 29, 2008 10:34 am







This Windows utility reads the GWCheck.log for users’ mailbox size (like the perl script tool) and creates a neat report.htm with all the information sorted on size of mailbox. GWMBSize supports any GroupWise version starting from 5.5. GWMBSize 32 for Windows only runs on Windows 98 or higher.

GWMBSize v0.3 Beta (no setup, just copy in the correct folder)

-Fixed: Another >2 GByte problem fixed
-Removed: Installer
-Added: Print and Print preview buttons (HTML only)

0.3.3 Beta – Updated: 12/21/2008

  • Added support for GroupWise 8
  • Renamed the option “Decimal separator” to the correct meaning “Thousand separator” this gave me a lot of questions 🙂

0.3.2 Beta

  • Fixed support for French logfiles (5.5 version, thanks to a nice Frenchman who sent me his logs)
  • Added, path to postoffice in HTML report.

0.3.1 Beta

  • Added experimental support for Groupwise 7 Beta.
  • Added path to postoffice in HTML report.
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  1. By:billdelprete

    Cannot unzip\extraxct this file. Error staes it is corrupted. Tried several times

  2. By:Paul_Beland

    Do you know if there is a tool like this for groupwise 2012? as it looks like gwmbsize does not work with the latest version of groupwise

  3. By:ghoman

    The Download link is not valid today (1/16/2015). Has this utility been discontinued for GW 2012 and 2014?