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GWSend originally was written as a Delphi sample code that illustrated how to send messages using the basic Groupwise options, e.g. filling the recipient list, adding attachments, specifying
user names, etc.

Since the code creates a Win32 console application, the sample can also be used as a tool to send GW messages from the command line or from batch files.


To run the application, you must have the Novell GroupWise client software installed – some features require GW v6.5.

Version history

2000-11 Initial version
2002-11 Additional features (parameters: login name & password)
2004-02 Added features

* allow for recipients external to the GW address book
* allow for multiple attachments/recipients
  separate multiple objects by “;”
* allow placeholder “Self” as recipient
* added command line option “/Priority”

2004-12 v1.31 – Added features

* send appointments

2005-10 v1.40 – Added numerous features

* a variety of task/appointment options
* delayed delivery
* notification options

2005-10 v1.50 – Added numerous features

* optional USER parameter for multi-login – lets you to login to multiple accounts
* optional IPA parameter to specify the IP address of your GW server
* optional IPP parameter to specify the IP port of your GW server
* optional PROMPT parameter to determine GW behavior if Login is not successful
* optional PROXY parameter to send mail with proxy accounts

2006-04 v1.60 – added INI features to load/save default parameters
2006-05 v1.61 – fixed error attaching files

Syntax: GWSend /T[o]= [Optional Parameters]

Standard Options:
  /T[o]=<rcp>             Message recipients          (separated by ";")
  /C[c]=<rcp>             Copy these recipients       (separated by ";")
  /B[c]=<rcp>             Blind Copy these recipients (separated by ";")
  /S[ubject]=<text>       Specify Subject
  /M[essage]=<text>       Specify Message (one line) - see also '/FileMsg'

Appointment Options:
  /D[ate]=<date time>     Appointment: Start
  /E[nd]=<[date ]time>    Appointment: End       (alternative to "/Length")
  /L[ength]=<time>        Appointment: Duration  (alternative to "/End")
  /Pl[ace]=<text>         Appointment: Location

Task Options:
  /D[ate]=<date>          Task: Start date
  /Due=<date>             Task: Due date
  /TaskPr[iority]=1..100  Task: Priority

Additional Options:
  /A[ttach]=<file>        Attach files (separated by ";")
  /Pro[mpt]=Y[es]|N[o}    Display login dialog if neccessary: yes/no (default: yes)
  /U[ser]=<text>          Specify GW User Name
  /Pa[ssword]=<text>      Specify GW User Password
  /Pr[oxy]=<text>         Specify GW Proxy ID
  /IPA=<text>             Specify IP address to Post Office
  /IPP=<text>             Specify Port of Post Office
  /Prio[rity]=Hi|Lo       Specify Message Priority
  /Del[ivery]=<date>      Deliver on specified date
  /Fr[omText]=<text>      Modify text in the 'From' field
  /G[roupmembers]         Resolve Group and send to members
  /Fi[leMsg]=<file>       Specify text file containing message
                            (the text file may contain placeholders &&0..&&9)
  /Vx=<text>              Specify Variable /V0 .. /V9 for mail merge
  /Priv[ate]              Private message (invisible for proxy)
  /ReplyR[equested]       Reply Requested
  /NotifyWhenOpened       Notify Option
  /NotifyWhenDeleted      Notify Option
  /NotifyWhenAccepted     Notify Option (appt/task)
  /NotifyWhenDeclined     Notify Option (appt/task)
  /NotifyWhenCompleted    Notify Option (task)
  /Notify                 All Notify Options

Date/time format for tasks/appointments:

* Date and time parameters must use the current local date/time format.
In the US, this is commonly MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS format.
* Specifying AM or PM as part of the time is optional, as are the seconds.
* Use 24-hour time (7:45 PM is entered as 19:45) if AM/PM is not specified.
* Appointment “End” and “Length” parameters are mutually exclusive.
* Appointment “End” parameter may or may not include a date.
* Your Local Date Format: “dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss”
* Your Local Time Format: “hh:mm:ss”/”hh:mm”
* Alternatively, these identifiers may be used:

If any parameter contains blanks, include it in double quotes


GWSend /T=”John Doe” /Bc=self /Pri=Hi /Subj=BlahBlah /Att=c:\this.doc
GWSend /; /S=”Some Letter” /M=”Hey Jude!”
GWSend / /S=”Bulk Mail” /F=”F:\templ.txt” /V1=xyz /V2=”a b”
GWSend /T=”Sue Doe” /S=Meet /D=”29.10.2005 16:00:00″ /E=”17:30:00″ /Pl=Here
GWSend /T=”SDoe” /S=Meet /D=”29.10.2005 16:00:00″ /L=”01:30:00″
GWSend /T=Marketing /S=Act /D=tomorrow /Due=nextweek /Notify /Prompt=YES
GWSend /T=MyTeam /S=”Happy New Year” /ipa= /ipp=1677 /Deli=”31.12.2006″
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