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May 19, 2011 12:19 pm





Download iprintinfo-autoinstall-1

The iPrint Info tool is compatible with OES2, OES11, and the iPrint Appliance.

The iPrintInfo plugin gathers iPrint-related information to help in troubleshooting iPrint issues. The following information is obtained in the script executions process.

  1. Section #1 Rights and Permissions on Each File Installed by iPrint
  2. Section #2 Rights on Specific Directories.
    	rpm -V 
            #If NSS Clustering is installed
    	Show eDir rights on /var/opt/novell/log/iprint
    	Show eDir rights on /var/opt/novell/iprint
  3. Section #3 Content of Specific Files.
    	/etc/passwd (*The file is now sorted)
    	/etc/group (*The file is now sorted)
    	#If NSS Clustering is installed
    	/var/opt/novell/ncs/[iPrint Resource.load]
    	/var/opt/novell/ncs/[iPrint Resource.unload]
  4. Section #4 eDirectory and Certificate Related Commands.
    	ldapconfig get	
    	ndsstat -r
    	ndsrepair -T
    	ndsrepair -E
    	ldapconfig get
    	certtool -i --inder --infile /etc/opt/novell/certs/SSCert.der
    	certtool -i --infile /etc/opt/novell/certs/SSCert.pem
    	certtool -i --infile /etc/ssl/servercerts/servercert.pem
    	openssl cert verification
    	#If NSS Clustering is installed
    	*rights -f /media/nss/<vol>/etc/opt/novell/iprint show
    	*rights -f /media/nss/<vol>/var/opt/novell/iprint show
    	*rights -f /media/nss/<vol>/var/opt/novell/log/iprint show
  5. Section #5 Miscellaneous Commands.
    	ps -eaf | grep iprint
    	uname -a
    	ifconfig | grep "inet addr"
    	id admin
    	id wwwrun
    	id iprint
    	netstat -atnp | grep 631|389
    	namuserlist -x 
    	namgrouplist -x
    	mount | grep nssvol	
    	rcSuSEfirewall status	
    	ps -eo pcpu,pid,user,args | sort -k 1 -r | head -10
    	rcowcimomd status
    	ps -eaf | grep owcimomd
    	netcat -zv
    	netstat -atnp | grep httpd | grep -i listen
    	rpm -qa --last | grep "openwbem\|iprint\|apache"
    	free -k
    	rccups status
    	chkconfig -l cups
    	*ping relevant DNS names
  6. Section #6 Log Files.

* Denotes changes from the previous version to the current version. Also, a couple of bugs were resolved in this version.

Step #1 – Install the latest version of the iPrintInfo plugin and Support Config utility

Option A: (Automated Install)

  1. Download iprintinfo-autoinstall-1.1.tbz
  2. Open a Terminal window and type “su”
  3. Enter root’s password
  4. Extract the script from the tarball

    #tar –xjvf iprintinfo-autoinstall-1.1.tbz

  5. Make the script executable.

    #chmod 755

  6. Run the script


Option B: (Manual Install)

  1. Download both the supportutils and supportutils-plugin-iprint rpm from here
  2. Open a Terminal window and type “su”
  3. Enter root’s password
  4. Install the supportutils-X.XX-XX.XX.noarch.rpm

    #rpm -Uvh supportutils-X.XX-XX.XX.noarch.rpm

  5. Install the supportutils-plugin-iprint-X.X-X.X.norarch.rpm

    #rpm -Uvh supportutils-plugin-iprint-X.X-X.X.norarch.rpm

Step #2 – Run the iPrintInfo gathering tool

Option A:

  1. On the terminal run iPrintInfo and attach the results automatically to the service request.

    #iPrintInfo -r XXXXXXXXXXX

  2. This will create a file in the /var/log/ directory and will also be attached to the service request.
  3. To view the files created do the following:

    #tar -xjvf /var/log/nts_hostname_101108_1451.tbz

    #cd nts_hostname_101108_1451

    # less plugin-iPrint.txt

Option B:

    1. On the terminal run iPrintInfo to create an iPrint output text file

      #iPrintInfo -b

    2. This will create a file in the current directory called iPrintInfo-2.1.3-[year]-[month][day]-[hour][minute].txt
    3. To view the file created do the following:

      # less iPrintInfo-2.1.3-[year]-[month][day]-[hour][minute].txt

Note: Using a –h will display other parameter options if desired such as how to make your password persistent. This is helpful when automating it using support advisor
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  1. By:mweiss2

    Could this be added to the supportconfig, please?

  2. By:jmeldrum

    This has now been changed to an support config iprint plugin.

  3. By:mcowden

    The tool gathers much good information, but there seems to be a directory missing. We had a problem where the ipsmd would not start, and the problem was that the ownership on the /var/opt/novell/run/iprint directory was incorrect. Changing the ownership fixed the issue, but that directory does not show up in the report generated by this tool. You may want to consider including it in a future release. Thanks for providing this tool. I suspect we will find it very helpful and time saving for migrating from NW to OES2 iPrint services.

  4. By:jmeldrum

    One of the many ways I use this tool is by running it on a server that is in an error state and then running it on a iprint server that is in a good state and comparing them using a tool called beyond compare. Without knowing a lot about iPrint or even Linux you can solve many issues that way.

  5. By:randomnoise

    iprintinfo-autoinstall-1.1.tbz has a typo in line 77. RPMS should be RPMs.