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January 18, 2005 2:52 pm

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Download luma

Luma is a tool for powerful and user-friendly management of LDAP data. It’s written in Python and uses Qt as its GUI toolkit.

Although Luma is an application framework for developing custom LDAP applications, it comes with several prebuilt applications, which a frequently needed by users. Translations are uncluded for English, German, Russian and Swedish. As well as some partial translations for Spanish and Portuguese.

The following applications are provided as plugins:

  • User management for Unix accounts
  • Addressbook
  • LDAP Browser
  • Schema Browser
  • Template Manager
  • Search
  • Admin Utilities
  • Massive User Creation

In order to run Luma, you need the following software:

To use NT and LANMAN passwords, the python smbpasswd module is needed:

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