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NCPSync.nlm NCP File/Directory Synchronizer


January 13, 2009 2:58 pm






Download ncpsync

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NCPSync is the NetWare utility, that allows you to synchronize
given directory tree to other server (and other directory) through NCP.
Source and destination servers may belong to different NDS trees.
Source directory _always_ remains unchanged. Destination directory changed
to reflect file/directories state in source directory. You may remove
destination files that not exist in source directory, or you may leave files
unchanged. At my point of view, using this tool is the only native way to
synchronyze directories on servers.. At my point of view, this tool works better than rsync.

Sorry for poor manual.

Please see ncpsync.conf.sample for parameters.

Please see readme.txt for some information.

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  1. By:geoffc

    Does this support all the name spaces? Trustees? Ownership of the files?

    Can it handle Mac files? Long file names? NSS volumes vs Traditional Volumes? UTF-8 file names?

    • By:lenik

      It support DOS and LONG namespaces.
      Trustees is not supported at present time.
      Both NSS and traditional volumes supported.

      MAC namespace is not supported. MAC files is available through LONG namespace.
      UTF-8 NCP supported from version 1.04.1 on NW6.5 sp2 and later (on NSS volumes).

  2. By:lenik

    1.03.12 supports DOS and LONG namespaces.
    UTF-8 NCP supported from version 1.04.1.

    Trustees is not supported.

    It supports both NSS and traditional volumes. UTF-8 available only on NW65sp2 and later with NSS volumes.

  3. By:jrassette

    How does this utility compare to the NPSH’s Sync Center?