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NetWare Systray Utility 2.4.0


September 11, 2006 1:05 pm






Download nsusetup

Quick access to NetWare Tools, Support Links and Resources like…

  • Novell Internet Support Weblinks
  • Novell Cool Solutions Websites
  • NetWare Remote Console Connections (50)
  • VNC Connections (Remote Administration via VNCViewer or Weblink) (50)
  • Novell WebManager Weblinks (50)
  • Novell Remote Manager Weblinks (NetWare 5.x Management Portal) (50)
  • Novell iManager Weblinks (50)
  • Novell iMonitor Weblinks (50)
  • NetWare Open Enterprise Server Weblinks (50)
  • Linux Open Enterprise Server Weblinks (50)
  • NwAdmin32, NDS-Manager, ConsoleOne and DNS/DHCP-Console
  • TID-Finder (searches a TID by TID-Number)
  • Error Code Translator (translates Error Codes into Error Descriptions)
  • NetWare Control Center (NetWare Logfile- and Event-Viewer)
  • Printer Management Weblinks (50)
  • Switch Management Weblinks (50)
  • User Programs/Tools (50)
  • User Favorites (50)

and many other features like…

  • Office XP Style with adjustable menu font
  • variable menu structure, menu sections can be hidden
  • separator titles (allows to organize the menu)
  • support for command line parameters and working directories
  • external icon support for user programs
  • easy configuration using the menu settings dialog
  • plain configuration text file for all settings (NSU.INI)
  • support for multiple instances with own configuration file
  • free selection of 8 different systray icons
  • load new profile feature

What’s New in Release 2.4.0

  1. Novell Weblinks organised into sections
  2. New Novell- and Cool Solutions Weblinks
  3. Enhanced About Dialog
  4. Pasting a TID into the TID-Finder form via STRG-V is now supported
  5. HTML Help update

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