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Novell iFolder database recoverability test tool


November 16, 2012 12:00 pm

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Unzip into /opt/novell/ifolder/bin folder. There are two files, CheckSimiasDB.exe and ifolder-database-check shell script that is a wrapper to run the binary.

The binary has the code to do the tests on simias database, you will find the options, -v (verbose) to get more info in debug log file, -l (level of check) that take either 1 or 2 and does the primary or secondary level of checking. You could also use this on the backed up data path by using the -p (path ) by providing the simias path.

Use this tool before backing up your iFolder data, if the recoverability tests are positive, you are sure that iFolder data can be retrieved from the backup anytime.

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