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Novell GroupWise 7.0.2 HP View Designer



August 10, 2007 3:35 pm






Download gwvd702hp


  1. Make sure you have the GroupWise Windows client version
    7.0.2 HP dated 6/6/07 or greater installed.
  2. Copy the files of VDESIGN.EXE, GWVDA1US.DLL, GWVDA1US.HLP
    to the directory where you installed the GroupWise
    Windows client (i.e. c:\Novell\GroupWise\ ).
  3. To run the View Designer, run the VDESIGN.EXE program.

Viewing the Documentation

You can view the View Designer help file by double clicking on the GWVDA1US.HLP file or from the Help menu with the View Designer program.


When getting the error message of “The procedure entry point ??0XPARRAYBASE@@QAE@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library GWXPLT1.dll” using the 7.0.2 build of the View Designer with the 7.0.2 HP or greater GroupWise Windows client.

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  1. By:knetsch


    I want to thank the developer of ViewDesigner for this great tool.
    In the moment we just have some small problems on drawed objects and the “Real” View in Groupwise.

    With Rectangles we try to sort and structure our information on a specific view. But all rectangles which are colored are not shown in the Groupwise View.
    Maybe it is still a bug or I made some trouble by myself. Any experience with that?
    Regards Thorsten

  2. By:wdiana

    I made a customize view (gwmltus.vew – New Email HTML), but I don’t know how I can use it by default when click on the new email Html button.

    Thanks for the great tool.