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November 15, 2006 9:15 am






Download NSLLogManager

Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista.

Screenshot of NSL Log Manager on Vista.

NSL Log Manager is the tool to configure the log settings for various NSL components such as LDAP Client ( NLdapAuth) , pcProx & Secure Workstation. This provides support for additional components which are missing in SLLoggingManager tool which is shipped with NSL.

Here is the list of registry changes required for each of the components.

LDAP Client:

LDAP client Nldapaut.dll requires the log file to be specified in the registry through following setting.

  DebugLogPath   REG_SZ      C:\LdapClient.Log 


Both pcprxlcm and pcprxlib modules are controlled by single registry setting. Hence changing setting for one of them will affect both. Below are the registry


   debug           REG_DWORD           "1"
   debugLog        REG_DWORD           "1"

Secure Workstation:

Both secure workstation modules (wsaccsvc.exe and wsaccsmp.exe ) are controlled by single registry setting. Hence changing one of them will affect both.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\NMAS\MethodData\Secure Workstation

   debug           REG_DWORD           "1"
   debugLog        REG_DWORD           "1"

How to use this application:

Launch this application on your system. It will display current status of log settings for the above mentioned components. If you want to modify, then just double click in the last column for the respective component you wish to change. It will display selection box using that you can change the existing configuration. Once you select new setting it is automatically updated in the registry.


Version 1.1
Made it Vista UAC compliant. Now it will work on Vista without using
virtualization support.

Version 1.0
First release. On Vista it will make use of virtualization feature provided by Vista, hence changes made to registry will not be global across all users’ sessions.

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