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February 21, 2009 8:00 pm






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This is a small tool that I wrote out of need. I do believe that this tool may be of use to others, but it’s still in beta phase, and I need feedback from users, Please 🙂


I have a printer that did not come with an INF-based printer driver,but instead with a setup.exe-based driver / or integrated with Windows. I don’t run iPrint, but only Point-And-Print, or NDPS. How do I distribute this driver?


Install this program on your PC, and run PDrvGen.exe, select the printer, and select “Generate”.
An INF-based driver will now be generated!

What’s new in version

  • Gray Cash from the USA had a small, but nice request, that I preserved the version info in the driver, if it was present in the origen driver.
    That way, troubleshooting would be a lot easier to do.

PDrvGen will now extract and save the Driver Version info”

What’s new in version

  • Theo Pluym found an HP Driver that wasn’t written that well, since it didn’t liked a space between the parameters. Since I figured, that other drivers might suffer from the same problem, I corrected PDrvGen to generate inf-files without this.
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  1. By:KevinGG

    Excellent – Fixes issue with loading HP5550 drivers into driver store under OES.

  2. By:wvf

    How do I install this utility? When I unzip the program, I just see a file called pdrvgen.rar. Am I missing something?

  3. By:ukdtom

    You’ll need WinRar.

    This Util was originally compressed using the RAR compression, and when transferred to the new cool site, the RAR file was also zipped 😉

    Go Google for WinRar

  4. By:jhickerson

    Great utility – fixed an unknown installation error 1450 that we were receiving while trying to install a 2015 or a 1320.

  5. By:Pinkel

    although imanager should be able to upload printer drivers from files or local installed printers, in several cases PDRVgen was the only working solution to put printer drivers into iprint.

  6. By:e_rottier

    Even in Windows 2008 R2 this tools does it’s work very well.
    Windows 2008 R2 is per definition 64-bit, and the printserver does not accept 32-bit drivers.

    When I wanted to upload 32-bit driver from my XP workstation the server didn’t accept them. (strange error messages)

    I remembered using this tool a few years back for a different customer with iManager driver upload problems, so I used this tool again but in a Windows environment.

    Well, all my troubles where like snow before the sun after using the “Printer Driver Generator”!


  7. By:mcolwell

    Every once in a while I get a driver that iManager just wont upload. This tool fixes that..

  8. By:kbennemeer

    Thank you for a great tool. I just used it on MS Win XP SP3 to extract the 2008 driver files for an HP Colour Laserjet CM2320nf MFP, to go onto OES2SP2 iPrint. The HP drivers took forever to install in an installation shield (HP style), but everything worked first time and was very easy to complete.

  9. By:cpeeblesSM

    This worked like a champ Thank You So much and keep up the great OES work because NOVELL never dies we just get a new .NLM ><

  10. By:heinkonijn

    Can you recompile this tool for Windows 7 64bit?
    Thx, cool tool!

  11. By:skishnani

    Great tool !! Thank you so much

  12. By:PruittJ

    I also need a Windows 64 bit util. One of the issue I am running into is with iprint and ZCM10.3.3 printer policies. If I upload a driver that gets delivered to a workstation then later modify the driver then iprint does not replace the driver because it thinks it is the same driver (has the same version number). Will this possibly get around this issue or can the util allow for custom version numbering if needed?

    Thank you.

  13. By:uwelabs

    I build an inf file from the setup.exe-driver. It was poosible to load this inf file to the iPrint driverstore.
    Even the install of this driver on a Win-XP (manually with http:// …/ipp) was possible.
    A printer symbol is visible in Win-XP.
    BUT the driver is not usable.

    Has someone an idea how to get this working?

  14. By:Rachelsdad

    While the PCL5 & PS drivers of the same generation loaded fine into the iPrint broker under iManager 2.7.5 (both under NetWare 6.5 SP8), the PCL6 driver kept stalling with a java.lang.NullPointerException.

    I created a dummy printer on LPT1: and used version of this (excellent) tool to extract a “fresh” .inf under an XP SP3 VM, and not only did it load into the broker without complaint, but the load was quick – much faster than the PCL5 or PS drivers.

    Thanks so very much, Tommy!

  15. By:dwolter

    It seems, that the current download button links to version (and not to Maybe someone can correct that?
    Thanks in advance