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rcon/rconw (multiwindow multiprotocol NetWare remote console)


December 31, 2008 5:18 am

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rcon/rconw allows you to remotely access NetWare server screens. Version 2 modules supports any available (to client, of course) protocol to communicate with server.


Server Side: Load rcon.nlm <address> <port> <password>

Note: To listen at desired ip address only, you may specify one. To use all available ip addresses, you must specify

Client Side: Rconw.exe –host=<host> –port=<port> [--password=<password>]

Note: You can use either TCP connection or NCP extension connection. Use of NCP extension protocol allows you to connect to the server by any available protocol (IPX/UDP/TCP/other protocols). To use NCP extension protocol simple specify 524 as port value.

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