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Shared Folder Reporting Tool



February 25, 2009 6:15 pm





Shared Folder Reporting Tool

So……You want a list of the shared folders in your GroupWise System

If so, then this handy Freeware tool might be the solution for you, since it’ll generate a csv file listing all shared folders in you GW system

It use a trusted application, and as such, only works with GW 6.5.2 and above.

The tool has been tested with GW7 and GW8, with the reporting tool running on XP SP3.

To read more about this, please go here:

Best Regards

Tommy Mikkelsen

Yet another GroupWiseR Dude

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  1. By:Shadowm

    Great tool, tested it on my personal system (GW8.0), with very satifying results

    but …

    tested it at a customer (GW7.03), and got an error after selecting the wpdomain.db

    Could not create TreeRoot System Object.

    any help on this would be very appreciated

  2. By:ukdtom

    You can find contact details in a direct mail within this site

  3. By:donnar

    …But I can’t get it to work. Groupwise 8.0.1 post office, windows XP workstation, and I get a “Could not create TreeRoot System Object” error message. Any ideas out there? Thanks!

    • By:ad1az

      Just some thoughts…
      — Does the eDirectory account you are using have admin rights to the gw primary domain object and directory rights to the db location?
      — Have you mapped a drive to the primary domain directory?

  4. By:sycho_wyz

    This tool is no longer available from Open Horizon’s website!
    Anyone knows whether it is still free and where to get a copy?
    Many thanks,

  5. By:lehner

    Can you pls update download link.

    regards Robert