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Updated DNS / DHCP Console for OS X ( Apple Macintosh )



March 20, 2014 11:38 am





Requires OES or NetWare


UPDATED MARCH 2014: The tool has been improved! It now uses the DNS/DHCP Console code from OES 11sp2, there is no need to make any modifications to OS X when running it, and some support for Retina displays is available.


I prefer to administer my OES and NetWare servers from an OS X client, but iManager, SSH, X-Windows, and RconsoleJ can only take you so far. If you wanted to use the DNS / DHCP Console (which is more reliable than iManager for DNS and DHCP), you had to use a Windows or Linux client.

Then, several years ago, junaid_s84 posted a way of running the Novell DNS / DHCP Console on OS X. Unfortunately, that solution did not allow the use of SSL, and it required you to start the application with a script. That original post can be found at

We now have a solution that offers the following advantages:
1. It allows SSL.
2. It behaves like a real OS X application bundle.
3. It uses the version of the Console included with OES 2 sp3 OES 11sp2.

In order to create this application bundle, we did have to modify the code a little bit. For details, please see the “porting.txt” included in the zip file.

When you run the application you will be able to use the DNS/DHCP Console exactly as if you were running it on Windows or Linux, except with all the Aqua-goodness of OS X!

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  1. By:warper2

    Thanks works great again on the mac.

  2. By:admin_bzga_de

    works great with El Capitan