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May 13, 2005 11:18 am

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Download userpass

USERPASS.NLM is designed for changing the passwords of many users existing at the same context as a server.

  • A list of users and their passwords should be in a text file:
  • The file USERPASS.TXT should be placed on volume SYS in ETC folder.
  • Each line (rekord) of USERPASS.TXT file should contain the user name and the new password separated by tab character.
    The password cannot be empty.
  • The program creates a log named USERPASS.LOG that is located on SYS volume in the ETC folder.
  • This program starts with a message:
    USERPASS has been started on server xxxx
    and ends with a message:
    USERPASS has been finished
  • The program can be run with or without a /V parameter: USERPASS /V.
    Using the /V parameter causes the log to also display on the server console.
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