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Editor’s Note: This is now a supported part of ZENworks Configuration Management. Future releases will be at:


ZENworks Diagnostic Center (ZDC) performs a series of diagnostic tests on ZCM Primary Servers and determines the state of the Primary Servers and the Management zone. Currently, ZDC provides the following three verifiers:

  • ZENworks System Files Verifier: This verifier verifies the existence and consistency of critical system files required by ZENworks Configuration Management.
  • ZENworks Database Schema Verifier: This verifier validates the correctness of the schema (tables, indexes, database procedures, etc) of the database used by ZENworks Configuration Management.
  • ZENworks Content Verifier: This verifier validates the existence and consistency of the contents hosted on the current Primary Server.

Some of the verifiers compare the baseline data that is collected from known good deployments with the data of the deployment whose health has to be determined. The baseline data for each release of ZCM from version 10.2.0 onwards will be published by Novell.

Downloading and Extracting ZDC on the Primary Server

a) On the Primary Server, download the attached “” and extract it to a temporary folder. Assume that you extracted the zip file to $ZDC_HOME
b) Depending upon the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management version that has been currently deployed on the Primary Server, download the appropriate ZDC file that contains the baseline data to the “$ZDC_HOME/data” folder.

Running ZDC

a) At Primary Server’s command prompt, go to the $ZDC_HOME folder.
b) Run the appropriate command:

On Windows: 
'zdc.bat verify -b <path of the ZDC file>'
On Linux:
'bash zdc verify -b <path of the ZDC file>'
For example,
zdc.bat verify -b C:\zdc\data\zcm_10_2_0.zdc

ZDC will run the diagnostic tests and generate the reports in the HTML format at the “$ZDC_HOME/reports/<date_time>” folder. If any inconsistency is found, it will be indicated on the screen and the details will be available in the reports. To view the reports, open “index.html” from the report folder. The complete log of the diagnostic tests is stored in “$ZDC_HOME/logs/<date_time>.log”.

Note: This is the beta version of the tool. It might report false inconsistencies, especially for ZENworks system files, which may not necessarily indicate an actual problem.

With Contributions From

  • P Silpa – Lead Test Engineer, Novell, Inc.
  • Deepthi Lakshmi – Test Engineer, Novell, Inc.
  • Lakshmi R – Lead Technical Writer, Novell, Inc.
  • Divya T – Dev Engineer, Novell, Inc.

Attachment Detail

File name:
MD5: 049e465c89934a70886600821f30bd5f
SHA-1: e9b7f48851ca37e5c22f565da0fd08aa00ad914a

File name:
MD5: c55063885ef63093eb3d4ccc644e5e2e
SHA-1: 41c19d2d103fdc84e5533887028a0242c2ba1b6f

File name:
MD5: 1c69ae67c7b04f60568e89e470101184
SHA-1: 6d986d89ddf8b4c2ccd9cdfd358b84f1ae7dc299

File name:
MD5: 8ed85d0ba8422e2e80b5226c264e8677
SHA-1: 5b26adfe0bb1b20508d0184c2aed6d6f62829b20

Files updated on August 04, 2010

File name:
Description: ZDC tool updated to version 0.6
MD5: F242E2D2BC8C3730CF92012A9965C033
SHA-1: E184130B6EC1D54BAB38A9E40024F3710DA01A8E

File name:
Description: Baseline pattern file for ZCM 10.3.0 (to be used with ZDC 0.6)
MD5: C72F7B8BB4575BA728A9244DAF4835AF
SHA-1: 70921D8851C21A1384FB7915AAE2F24D9C743FEE


File name:
Description: Baseline pattern file for ZCM 10.3.1 (to be used with ZDC 0.6)
MD5: 71C8570D039548B9B869015637074CD8
SHA-1: 8303B36F2ED0335F91078A0A773014BD208C4D6C

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  1. By:GERWIL

    Great tool. Only found 3 file inconsistency’s – where I’d changed the log levels . Very reassuring in the current ZCM environment .

    More development with it please.


  2. By:Magic31

    Stumbled upon this tool… Can’t wait to test this tool against one ZCM environment having some small quirks that we are not seeing elsewhere.

    As GERWIL commented! Good development & would love to see more diagnostics (also server <> client related), maybe also an option to add a server log parsing function for critical/warning events? 🙂


  3. By:rpfenninger

    Thank you for posting this nice free diagnostic tool.
    Glad to see that the database is fine 🙂

    However, I’m a little bit disappointed that those beta patches from Novell I needed to install are now being marked as incosistent files…

    Ok, you mentioned it’s a beta.


  4. By:floort

    It’s a nice tool. But when novell brings out an ftf or other update, the tool is not up to date. So indeed the files are incosistent.

    I hope the will also bring an updated file out for zdc if there are ftf’s out. Or otherwise update the tool more often.


  5. By:michelle79

    I just downloaded the 10.2.1 version to install before upgrading to 10.2.2 however the MD5 checksum doesn’t match the one listed above (1c69ae67c7b04f60568e89e470101184). Instead I’m getting B389C723667719134CA41104F31EC08F. I’ve tried downloading on a couple of computers and clearing cache in case it got corrupted the first time but still getting B389C723667719134CA41104F31EC08F. Can anyone verify this?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. By:rpfenninger

    When are the ZDC files for ZCM 10.3 to be released?

  7. By:jadityakishore

    The post has been updated with the zdc file for ZCM 10.3.0. It can be downloaded from

  8. By:floort

    Little bit too late 🙂 but the zdc file for 10.3 is here.
    But i can’t extract the zip file. i get every time the message that the archive is broken.

    So for me still no 10.3 check!

  9. By:chrisflure

    I confirm as well, just downloaded and tried to extract and the file is corupt.

  10. By:jadityakishore

    The post has been updated with the ZDC version 0.6 and the baseline pattern file for ZCM 10.3.1.

    The 10.3.1 pattern must be used with ZDC v 0.6.

    Version 0.6 contains few bug fixes and hence can not be used with old pattern files. A new revised baseline pattern file for 10.3.0 is also posted which should be used to validate 10.3.0 zone with ZDC v 0.6.

    If your downloads seem to be corrupted, please retry with Firefox or Chrome.

  11. By:jadityakishore

    There are two versions of ZDC tool available on this page, and along with pattern files for each ZCM releases.

    Version 0.5 has to be used with older ZDC pattern files (, and, while version 0.6 has to be used with newer patterns ( and

  12. By:emerson

    Just ran it….and,, thanks for posting it, its a SHAME that it’s needed.
    Would be better if ZenConfMgmg was a working product…

    So,, results for me, running on w2k03 servers;
    something like 10 files missing;
    ad_ff.dll, tsusagexxx.xx,etc…then something like 10-20 extra files found
    and something like 20 inconsistent files…

    Now what ?
    This is with zdc_03 and pattern file 10.3.1…..
    Server was 10.2.2 and now updated to 10.3.1
    ( and off course no updated 10.3.1 clients that can log in )

  13. By:deanreed

    I get a exception when trying to run zdc.bat on a win2008 server.
    I am running as admin in a command window.
    Does it use jre_1.6.0.16?

  14. By:vgalino

    Its possible to solve the problem automatically with this tool ?. Or i need to contact with Novell

  15. By:kellytoby

    Well it does solve some of my problems so thanks!

  16. By:abrehmc

    How are we to ZDC ZENworks 11?

    The doc page here only talks about ZENworks 10, although its clearly ZEN 11.

    The file from the ZENworks 11 download page has another version than 0.5 or 0.6. And it carries a data file named: data\zcm_10.3.x.zdc
    That will not run on my system…

    server/Zenworks-Setup has the exact same file.

    Is there a formal ZDC for ZEN 11 somewhere?

  17. By:DaltonTabainKole

    Never mind, just figured the “collect” option, thanks!

  18. By:DaltonTabainKole

    Hi abrehmc,

    You can generate your own baseline based on a healthy ZCM box.
    just run “zdc collect”.
    I have created my ZCM 11 baseline based on my VM lab, I can provide if you’d like.

    Thanks jadityakishore, it’s a wonderful tool.