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ZLM Agent ISO for Specific Platform


July 3, 2008 1:12 pm






Download zlm-agent-shrink

Here are the steps to create agent iso for specific Platform:

  1. Download the tar file attached with this Solution
  2. Un-tar it
  3. Mount the Latest ZLM7.2 Agent ISO or CD
  4. run the script with required parameters
    ./zlm-create-agent-iso target mount-path
    ex ./zlm-create-agent-iso oes-9-i586 /mnt/zlm-agent
  5. copy the iso created which will be in the location /tmp/.iso. for above example it will /tmp/oes-9-i586.iso
  6. On the device mount the iso
  7. Install all the rpms in the iso
  8. register the device to ZLM server using “rug sa”
  9. Assign the upgrade bundle created using zlm-upgrade -b
  10. rug refresh to get the assigned bundle
  11. rug bin <bundle-name> -y
  12. This should have installed zlm-agent on the device

All steps except 9 should be run on the device that you wish to install zlm-agent.

Step 9 should be executed on ZLM-server

To Create Upgrade bundle using zlm-upgrade -b Follow the below steps.

  1. Go to ZLM-server machine
  2. Mount Latest ZLM-agent iso or CD
    ex: mount -o loop ZLM7.2-ir2-agent.iso /mnt/zlm-agent
  3. go to mounted ZLM-agent directory ex
    cd /mnt/zlm-agent
  4. run ./zlm-upgrade -b
  5. Specify a folder that you want to create to hold the upgrade bundles.
  6. After the upgrade completes, refer to /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/zlm-upgrade.log to ensure that the upgrade is successful.
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