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CPKs to go… get them while they’re hot (er… hot patch)


February 25, 2007 11:32 am





Thanks to the work done by Martin Irwin, I had a great base to work with: I’ve spent a fair while over the last few weeks setting up my test lab for ZDM CPKs, and I’ve now completed them. Look out for CPKs for ZDM7SP1HP3….

Update: CPKs are now released:

ZDM7bkwinSP1hp3CPK –
ZDM7-MID-nwsp1HP3CPK –
ZDM7-MID-WIN-sp1hp3CPK – 

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  1. By:Martin

    We’ll spend some time explaining this at BRAINSHARE too Tut 254 btw

  2. By:Alice McDonald

    Hi Shaun,

    We have been ‘talking’ on the NDSengineers site about the ZDM7SP1HP3 [MALICE]. Have you been given an updated initrd for the B57 drivers which has been changed between HP2 and HP3 to include in the .cpk?


  3. By:Shaun Pond

    Honestly? I have no idea – what I get are the files which are contained in the jars/zip files which get installed by winsetup, and my job is to ensure that the CPK puts the same files in the same places. The end result from running the winsetup for HP3 and installing via the CPK should be identical, but I’m not always aware of every driver that’s in there. I am responsible now for the update TIDs (the ones mentioned in my blog about ZDM7SP1) and my task at this point is to chase our people who raised bugs which are fixed in this patch, so that they produce TIDs which I can include, so you know what’s fixed.