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August 26, 2010 10:22 am





RR wrote: Oh this is just a little of my collection!

    • This is what it sounds like most of the time when they want something, never a “Hello, how are you, how’s the fam…”
    • It’s YOUR fault I’m having these problems!
  • You’re the IT guy, you should know how to do all this stuff.
    • Oh! Just fix it… NOW! By the way I need to re-arrange my office space, can you help me move this heavy desk?
  • It’s the weekend and I can’t …
    • IT guys are generally expected to be available 24/7/365!
    • You’re on-call when you have a campout scheduled for the Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts where there’s no cell service
    • You’re on-call when you would like to go out of town for Christmas or Easter Vacation
    • You’re on-call when your wife needs and requires you to spend some quality time with her.
    • You have to go to the office when your kids are crying to be with you
  • My personal PET PEEVE!
    • “I have a problem with my home computer… It won’t ______ (fill in the blank), or I don’t know how to… with a blank stare expecting you to tell them what’s wrong and how to fix it in the time that this conversation is allotted. Hey! Don’t get me wrong, but it happens ALL the time. It’s like the guy you know who has a truck! It’s his truck, yet every time you need to move something you call this guy, who has better things to do other than move your stuff around in his truck! Buy your own truck! Or pay him well for his efforts and the use of his truck!
    • I got this cool new laptop that I got from Best Buy, I’ve brought it to work where somebody had an extra wireless USB key, and I don’t know how to make it work to get my email and surf the web. I’ll just call my IT group, they’ll make it work for free!
    • Can you come over to my house and fix my computer? NOTE: family is the worst of these.
      • Payment is usually in the form a dinner or cookies, if your lucky to get anything other than a “Thanks” (I wish the plumber would do this for me).. JUST SAY, “NO!” FIRMLY!
      • I once told someone that my job is like, I have a problem with my computer, so I’m like 1800-77-Royce… they thought I was serious and actually called the Rolls Royce dealership asking for help with their computer! HA!
    • Okay, Mom, you sort-of put me through college and did my laundry all those years… Okay, I own YOU big time!
    • Next time the plumber asks me a computer question, I’m going to ask him to put me in a couple of more 220 volt, r-prong outlets for the dryers my wife needs to finish all the laundry, and I need it tonight.
    • Big orgs are a little odd to work in sometimes when it comes to getting stuff you need in the right order. For example, you really should have a desk, power, lights, electrical, etc. in-place, before you expect to receive your computer. Where’s the tech going to place the computer, on the floor? It makes a great paperweight!–Assuming you have paper!
    • The new organization head honcho is used to using Outlook (I’ll call him Rod Rescue Man–remember the Twice Upon A Time character?). Our organization uses GroupWise, Microsoft Exchanges equal, but polar opposite. GroupWise works great for all the bells, whistles and features that you could possible need in an EMAIL system, it’s simply equal to Exchange. But the head wants Outlook (by name). He doesn’t know, or care particularly, that we can actually set him up to receive all the same emails that he can get with the Outlook client on our existing GroupWise system, he just wants to change it all. Retooling for this ONE person’s desire (not a need) will cost our department approximately $100K. If we continue to use the product we currently have, it costs us nothing, but the normal yearly license fee, with is about $5 per person cheaper than the Microsoft Exchange product. I call this abuse of power. We found out what triggered this was that he could not find someone in his GroupWise address book that exists on someone else’s Exchange email system, he didn’t know how to look up the address, and didn’t ask how.
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