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October 9, 2012 10:59 am





By gibsont

Datasync Web View –

I have created a web view of datasync information for my non datasync admins. This is a PHP webpage that pulls the data directly out of the postgresql database that datasync uses. There are no modifications to the database. This webpage simply queries the database for the information and then displays that information in an easy to read format.

This current version will show you the total number of devices connected, the total number of users, a break down of iOS types and iOS versions, user id, user name, user state, device id, device description, device type and time stamp. I have parsed out the device description to show what iOS device and iOS software that device is running. I tried to do this for Android devices but that info seems much harder to track down.

Please note that I have not parsed out every version of every iOS device and iOS software. I have parsed out the current devices and software on my server. If you install this software and there are iOS devices/software that are not being recognised let me know and I will add them to the software.

Simply unzip and add the folder to your exisiting Apache, PHP server. I am currently running mine on an ubuntu 12.04 box.

I have updated the code so that it shouldn’t throw any php errors about uninitialized variables and I have changed the <? to <?php tags. I have also moved the database connection parameters to the config.php file inside the includes folder. The parameters are setup with the default values. If you changed these during your datasync installation then you will need to change them in the config.php file.

I would attach a screen shot but I would basically have to block out all of the device data and usernames which would make the screen shot almost one big black block 🙂

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  1. By:pgarcia2

    Since we haven’t decided on an MDM solution, I have been generating this data manually for our admin staff every week. This saves me a lot of time over all.

    Thanks very much!

  2. By:aschneck

    Couldn’t get it running; configured the config.php
    Got only an empty page (except the header with the about button)

  3. By:aschneck

    Still doesn’t work on my site. Running it on an apache server (SLES11), giving the IP of the remote datasync server and users password in config.php
    But I still get only a blank page