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November 6, 2009 4:30 pm





We use DBCOPY to stage our GroupWise backups to a different location on the server. This function works just fine in the background. The problem is that the files from the target server are not deleted if they no longer exist in the source server. So they will just stay there over time. Until now.

Using a tool called AutoDelete from Cyber-D, you can now schedule the older files to be purged from your staging area. Simply download this free utility at (yup, free). Configure the paths for the folder structure that you want pruned, set the period of time that you want to search for (since we perform daily DBCOPYs, there’s no need to keep anything older than 2 days).

Our DBCOPY kicks off at 8pm and our AutoDelete will kick off daily at 2am, pruning anything older than two days. DBCOPY runs from our NetWare servers, but I am setting up AutoDelete on one of our GroupWise servers running on Windows to prune all of the other NetWare servers.

If we request a restore to the DBCOPY area from tape, the Cyber-D AutoDelete tool will wipe that area clean of old files, so our restores need to be finished before the 8pm DBCOPY and the 2AM AutoDelete.

I initially found this tool to remove files in a folder that were older than 30 days and it has done a great job in doing so. I then used it on a folder that normally gets files deleted after 30 days, but I was finding that it needed to be cleaned out more frequently. Since I could not alter the purging period of the existing tool, AutoDelete came in really handy.

You’ll find other uses for this tool in no time!

This is Freeware, please consider donating (I have no affiliation with this product or company). I believing in supporting companies who produce tools that work.

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