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How to Deal With Ransomware Threats

Gil Cattelain


March 12, 2018 11:49 am





Ransomware continues to be the scourge of the business world, as organizations continue to get hit with costly and devastating attacks.

One hospital, for instance, recently had to pay $55,000 to hackers after getting hit with a ransomware attack that cascaded across its network. While the company had data backup systems in place, the hospital’s IT team determined that it was faster and easier to just pay the ransom and restore access.

This move, it should be noted, was very risky. After all, hackers do not always return data after a ransomware attack. And now, some hackers are even intercepting ransomware payments—meaning you could legitimately pay a ransom and it will never be seen by the intended recipient.

This is an issue facing all businesses, across all verticals. And unfortunately, hackers seem to be winning the fight. Last year, 55 percent of companies were compromised by ransomware. While this is down from 61 percent in 2016, it’s still very high. Your business could get hit with ransomware at any time.

It’s time to fight back against ransomware, and Micro Focus has a few different solutions that you can use to strengthen your defenses and reduce the likelihood of getting infected. Micro Focus offers:

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