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December 12, 2008 3:11 pm





This community website will facilitate a dialog between Novell and the Partners involved in the Partner Program Pilot. We encourage you to post your feedback here regarding the FY09 Pilot -the new programs, features and benefits. We welcome your comments, issues and enhancement suggestions, warts and all – we’d like to know what is and what is not working well. On this site we will also post updates about the program as new developments occur.

The new features and benefits in Novell’s FY09 program include:
– The Novell Deal Registration Pilot (running from Nov 24 to Dec 31)
– Additional incentives for performance

We look forward to your participation in the pilot program and this dialog during the pilot, as your input helps us to accelerate our shared success in FY09.

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  1. By:atchung

    Greetings, I’ve received some feedback from my pilot program partners that the back end rebate percentage for MLA new business does not provide enough incentive for them to drive that revenue (renewal is good @ 2%).

    Generally, partners who sustain their businesses on public sector and federal government accounts have no choice but to sell MLA licenses and maintenance, that is their business. Moreover, if our intent is to provide an incentive for our partners to independently drive incremental new license revenue in our existing MLA accounts there is a no distinction between the back end percentages on new and renewal business. So, I’m trying to determine what message we are sending to our partners but I can’t quite figure it out and perhaps need some clarification.

    Are there any plans to re-evaluate the back end percentages for new MLA business?

    I would be happy to discuss further with other stakeholders and can be reached at

  2. By:deltasigma

    Good Idea if you can add the Canadian currency !

  3. By:margaretrasmussen

    Hi deltasigma,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The currency for deal submission at Novell is USD, however, we will pay the rebates in local currency. We are migrating our CRM/Opportunity system to a new platform over the next 30 months, as it becomes available, we will have much more flexibility in currencies that we can be input by a partner and allow conversion to other currencies based on the user’s preference.

  4. By:cdrosten

    Hi Team,

    went through the presentation and talked to some of our approvers for the deal registration. So the following questions came up:

    The reviewers have 48 h time to reject a deal. Most of them are travelling a lot and sometimes do not have the chance to reject in time. So why we do not turn the process into an proactive approval?

    Furthermore what happens if the reviewer is out of the office (vacation, sickness). Is there a chance to route the mail to the backup? And if yes, how will this work?

    And the last question: Who is behind “Approval Desk”? Do we have telephone numbers and eMail address? If something will not work like designed who can help? Is there a helpdesk for partners and reps and reviewers?

    I’m looking forward for your answers.


  5. By:DavidStone

    Giving a partner the option of acting as a reseller or an influencer as a blanket decision and not on a case by case basis is a major flaw here. I addressed my concerns during the webcast but Kevin lacked the sales experience to get the problem.

    As a longtime Novell reseller who handles multiple millions of Novell business each year, the lack of flexibility severely restricts our ability to go out and promote your products. Most large scale purchases, especially in the government space, will be bid competitively regardless of who promotes the product. The natural result is a high probability of receiving no reward whatsoever when aggressively promoting Novell solutions in the most attractive of markets. This situation emphasizes the lack of sufficient sales insight and/or input in program design.