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July 18, 2007 3:57 am

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As a true Dutch speedskater, as soon as people talk about freezing I wonder when I can make a few laps on the ice. But, it’s not only water that can get frozen.

Some of you might have heard of Deep Freeze, the product is often used in education environments and allows the PC’s to get back to their original state after you’ve done a reboot, useful if you have some students that want to screw up your PC’s in your classroom. Today I saw that Faronics has released Deep Freeze for Linux, they already where running on both Windows and Mac, and now they added Linux (only SLED at the moment) to the list. Good news for education environments with “creative students”.

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  1. I’ve used Deep Freeze for 6 years, and I could never go without it. It is the best investment we’ve made!

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  2. By:Ian


    How do you deal with pushing out apps, registry changes, and the like with zenworks in a DF environment?

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  3. By:Ron van Herk

    Have a look at

    It describes how to update DFr machines using ZENworks

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  4. By:Ian

    Excellent. Thanks Ron.

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