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Default Font for All Outgoing Mail on Clients


February 20, 2007 4:13 am

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A Forum reader recently asked:

“Our company would like to enforce a default font for all outgoing mail. Does anybody know of a way to enforce a font on GroupWise clients?”

And here’s the response from Joe Marton …


The settings are all configured in HKCU\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Client\Setup.

For creating HTML messages:

DWORD: DoNotCreateHTMLMessages
Value: 0

String: DefaultHTMLFont
Value: name of installed font (i.e. Times New Roman)

String: DefaultHTMLFontSize
Value: numeric (i.e. 8)

For creating text messages:

DWORD: DoNotCreateHTMLMessages
Value: 1

String: PlainTextComposeFontName:
Value: name of installed font (i.e. Times New Roman)

DWORD: PlainTextComposeFontSize
Value: switch to decimal, and use numeric (13, in hex would be 0x0000000d)

You can force these settings down via ZENworks or a login script. You can’t lock the settings to prevent users from changing them, but if you force them down every time a user logs in then at least you’ll keep setting everything back to the company-defined “standard” settings.

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