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September 1, 2006 7:18 pm





I am the Product Manager for ZENworks Asset Management. This is my first post on Novell Cool Blogs.
But, I come bearing gifts.

We know that many you are grappling with issues around the Dell battery recall (announced August 14 2006). There are 4.1million batteries subject to recall- a subset of the 22 million batteries shipped with laptops over the period covered by the recall. Dell’s recommended approach involves physically inspecting every battery and based on a 5-digit string embedded in what they call the PPID (Part Piece Identification), entering the full PPID on this page to determine if the battery is actually subject to recall.

That is a lot of batteries to check manually. We can help narrow the list of systems that have batteries that need to be checked by hand. Here is how:

We have been working with Dell since this story broke and after working through a variety of technical details and testing, we determined that:
a) we can discover and report the battery model numbers consistently and reliably;
b) the battery model numbers include the 5-digit string that Dell says indicate a battery that should be physically inspected so that the the full PPID can be entered into the Dell web site; and
c) we can isolate systems that need to be checked and report them in ZENworks Asset Management

So, we have posted a new Predefined Custom Report Definition to the Novell Cool Solution site
The ZENworks Asset Management Web Console allows you to import and run predefined custom report definitions (which are imported and exported as XML files). We have constructed a predefined custom report definition that you can download, import and run to isolate laptops that need to be checked manually. Be sure to check prerequisites on the Cool Solutions site.

Of course, this only works for batteries that are in the laptops when we scan- not the spares in the desk drawers out there.

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