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Updating SLE10 SP3 product installed data after Online Migration from SP2 to SP3 using SLE10-SP3-Online-bundle in ZLM


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When a SLE10 device running ZLM agent is updated from SP2 to SP3 level using SLE*10-SP3-Online bundle in ZLM, the product installed information for SP3 is not updated on the device and it is shown as SUSE_SLES_SP2, since this bundle only performs package upgrades and skips updating new product data. It should display the installed SP3 product as SUSE_SLES_SP3 when listed using the ‘rug pd’ command.

System Environment

Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management – ZLM7.3
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server / Desktop 10 SP2


ZLM allows you to perform an online upgrade of a SLE10 device to its next higher SP using equivalent SLE[S/D]-SPn-Online-bundle created by mirroring its equivalent SP Catalog from the Novell Update Repository ( If you want to upgrade packages on a SLES10 device at SP2 to SP3, you need to mirror SLES10-SP3-Online Catalog from the NU in ZLM, using your NCC credentials. On installing this SLES10-SP3-Online-bundle available from this Catalog in ZLM to a SP2 device, only the packages are updated to SP3 level but the product information is not updated, which can be seen when listed using the ‘rug products’ command.

Based on this product installed information, the device gets entitled or access to the right set of update channels or catalogs for subsequent updates when registered to NCC and service is added to the NU repository ( after activation.

NU repository for SLES10-SP3-Online related channel maintains a script only zypp patch namely patch-product-sles10-sp3 (Product marker patch for Service Pack 3) which replaces the installed SP3 migration product with installed SP3 product while performing SUSE Online SP3 migration process directly from the NU Repository. This SP3 product info is updated only after the packages are updated, followed by suse_register (NCC register) to activate and allocate new updates channels for detected SP3 product on such device. ZLM does not need to perform this action as updates Catalogs are selectively mirrored from the NU Server to the ZLM Server for updating the device packages to the next SP3 level. Therefore ZLM agents only need to update the SP3 product data after the SP3 packages are installed/updated on applying the equivalent SP3 Online Bundle.


You can view the installed products on the SLE10 device using following commands:

-	 rug products [pd]

-	/usr/lib/zmd/query-pool products @system

Note: query-pool utility is available from libzypp-zmd-backend package from SLE10. If the system is installed in 64bit mode, the path of the query-pool is ‘/usr/lib64/zmd/query-pool’

Normally all the installed products are located on the SLE10 device under directory /var/lib/zypp/db/products as part of zypp database, which is used by YaST or rug to list the products. Each installed product is represented as an individual metadata file present under this path. If you see more than one entry of the same products during ‘rug products’, it could be due to its installation source also added as zypp repository using YaST or rug.

You can update the product information after installing the SLE*10-SP3-Online bundle (Monolithic) in the following ways:

1. Executing the given script on the device after installing the SLE*10-SP3-Online bundle.

  • In ZCC, edit the SLE10-SP3-Online-bundle to add the attached script as a post-installation scriptable action.
  • Apply the changes to bundle and deploy the new bundle version to the SP2 device.
  • Install the SLE10-SP3-Online-bundle to update the SP2 device to SP3 level.

2. Installing the SLE10 SP3 product information from SLED10 /SLES10 SP3 media.

After the device packages are updated to SP3 on installing the equivalent SP3 Online bundle, you can install the SP3 product for SLES10 or SLED10 by adding the SP3 media as zypp type installation source under YaST or ‘rug sa’, and then installing the available SP3 product. You can add the zypp service to the SP3 media mounted as http source path by using the command:
rug sa -t zypp ‘url’ ‘service-name’

You can list the available products by using the command:

rug products

 To install the SP3 product from  SLES10 /SLED 10 SP3  media added as zypp type service :
rug in  -t product SUSE_SLES_SP3    
rug in  -t product SUSE_SLED_SP3 

where SUSE_SLES_SP3 and SUSE_SLED_SP3 are the defined product names for SLES and SLED10 SP3 distributions respectively. You need to restart the ZMD services after new product is installed.

Using zypper the syntax is similar : zypper in -t product ‘product_name’

Below is the Product before updating to SP3 product :  rug products

i |product|SUSE_SLES_SP2|10.2-0|x86_64

Below  is the Product after updating  SP3 product  : rug products

i |product|SUSE_SLES_SP3|10.3-0|x86_64
i |product|SUSE_SLES_SP3|10.3-0|x86_64


The script should be executed after the SLE10 SP2 device is updated to SP3 using ZLM



You can download the script attached below.

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