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Disaster Recovery For Novell SLES Environment: Same Game. Different Rules.



September 23, 2010 2:59 pm





SEP Software’s newest offering now delivers the ability to restore your complete SLES environment, whether you suffer a disk drive failure or a complete system catastrophe.

Bare System Recovery is the ability to recover the operating system as close to the exact state as it was before the system failure. Experienced system administrators know that hardware, whether a computer system, disk drive or edge device, can fail at any time, and that there is never a good time for data loss. According to statistics provided by Google Labs, around 140,000 disk drives fail every week, resulting in the loss of Peta bytes of critical, often irreplaceable information.

Today, with the release of SEP sesam BSR, disk drive and system failures will no longer be a devastating occurence. Our new disaster recovery solution allows you to accomoplish bare metal recovery and simply replace a complete computer system or disk drive restoring the environment to full operation within minutes. SEP sesam BSR restores your system to its previous state in the easiest manner and in the shortest time possible, like the phoenix rising out of the ashes. Your entire system settings and user data are quickly restored to your newly configured recovery platform. The result for the Data Center staff — Hero Status.

Fast Recovery
The time to system recovery and full data restore, will depend upon the volume of data along with the speed of the new hardware and network performance. Some system configurations can be accomplished in as little as 10 minutes.

Design and Functionality
SEP sesam BSR consists of two proven components – SEP sesam backup software and SUSE Linux Enterprise using SUSE Studio. Using SEP sesam backup and recovery concepts, the overall management and storage of all data takes place on the SEP sesam data backup server. This is where all the data required in the event of a disaster recovery is stored. This strategy guarantees reliable and fast disaster recovery.

SEP sesam makes a snapshot backup of the SEP sesam BSR Client data that is then stored on the SEP sesam backup server. The repository for the data can be freely selected using a disk to disk (D2D) or disk to disk to tape (D2D2T) strategy.
In the event of a system disaster or drive failure the CD created by SUSE Studio along SEP sesam BSR Media is inserted into the recovery platform. The BSR media is then booted and Linux is then installed. In the following step the computer is then connected to the network and a connection to the SEP sesam Backup Server is established. Then the desired saveset for the data recovery is selected. The automated recovery begins with the partitioning of the backup media.
In this step not only the filesystem but also the different disk drive configurations, i.e. partition(s), multiple disk drives, expanded partition(s), etc., are recreated. Afterward the boot system partitions are formatted. Once the formatting has been completed the partitions are restored onto the replacement hardware and it is now boot ready. The newly created operating system is now rebooted and the server with all its settings and data is accessible to the user community!

BSR for SUSE Linux Advantages:
Complete Disaster and Recovery for SUSE Linux servers
New SUSE Linux Enterprise Updates support the replacement hardware
Disaster Recovery using SEP sesam BSR is close to automatic
Single Point of Administration – Fully integrated into the SEP sesam GUI
Server/Workstation is bootable in minutes with SUSE studio and BSR

SEP sesam ensures that data security for virtual machine environments including data backup and restore; disaster recovery and encryption can be both easily and cost-effectively achieved. SEP software is the ultimate expression of German engineering and attention to detail. Design and programming originate from our German offices in Weyarn, Germany (near Munich) where overall performance and reliability are consistently enhanced and improved.

System Recovery after Catastrophic Failure
SEP sesam BSR for Linux servers is based on SEP sesam Version 3.6 and SLES 11 created using SUSE Studio from Novell.
SEP AG delivers a fast and solid recovery solution that fully automates the re-creation of SLES Linux systems by utilizing our Disaster Recovery Appliance. Combined with the SLES Studio our BSR solution can restore system environments to different hardware platforms and configurations. BSR utilizes SLES Studio to automatically locate, download and implement requisite drivers for that hardware.

SEP sesam is the trusted solution for over 2,000 companies and is installed in 38 countries around the world backing up critical company and enterprise data. We provide the fastest possible backup and recovery available in the computer industry today. SEP sesam is certified by Novell along with many other manufacturers.
SEP sesam Features

Platform-independent – Supported OS platforms include Windows/NT/2000/XP/2003/’08 /Vista/all popular Linux distributions & UNIX derivatives, Solaris, HP/UX, Tru64, BSD (also OpenVMS).

One backup solution fits every backup need – Replace multiple antiquated backup utilities with one solution. Save time on acquisition, support and training!Easy to Use – Install on Linux in under 2 minutes!

Performance – from 1 data stream to 64 streams and beyond.

Centralized administration – SEP sesam master GUI (Java) makes the complete implementation and administration from a central location or a remote workstation fast and easy.

Simple installation and configuration – SEP sesam requires little training and administrative overhead.

Easy Restore Wizard – Restores can be performed in minutes.

Disaster Recovery – Restore the entire environment to dissimilar hardware. Now for SUSE Linux!

Data replication – Data cloning to create hot or warm spares in the event of system outage.

VMware and XEN Support – backup and restore running virtual machines whether

VMware ESX or XEN – restore the VM environment, one or more guests or a single file.

Firewall – SEP sesam can back up clients over multiple firewalls.

Encryption – Blowfish and AES 256 are included.

Data Retention – Store to free Virtual Tape Library (VTL) or tape drive.

Data Migration – Move data to long-term storage, during or after backup tasks are run.

Email Archival – Migrate important email savesets with one simple command

Remote Server/Client – Remote to LAN/WAN available devices for flexibility and savings.

Scheduled Restores – Assure data reliability automatically.

Scheduled Migration – Schedule migration tasks to take place in off hours.

SEP Scheduler – Integrated, heterogeneous calendar functionality to control all tasks including backup and restore, migration and generational migration.

Automatic recognition – Upon installation SEP sesam recognizes all storage devices.

SAN – LAN free backup SAN environments.

Meets or exceeds US and North American Privacy and Security laws!

About SEP Software Inc.
SEP Software, Inc., of Boulder, CO and Weyarn, Germany, provides industry leading backup and recovery software for Enterprise as well as Small to Medium sized businesses. SEP sesam is designed for multi-Operating Systems, multi-Database, multi-Groupware IT environments. SEP makes complex backup tasks easy. To learn more simply click on or contact us at

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