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Do you bar code your IT assets?


November 14, 2007 3:09 pm





One of the things ZENworks Asset Management customers have asked about is integration with common bar code tracking solutions. I am looking to get feedback from the Novell Cool Blogs community about what (if any) bar code solution you use and some thoughts about how you’d like to see it work/integrate with ZENworks Asset Management.

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  1. By:Eric Young

    Yes we barcode our IT assets, but we don’t have any sort of fancy solution in place to get them into our asset-tracking database (PeopleSoft).

    Also, does this discussion exclude RFID asset tracking? It seems like RFID is becoming ever more popular and wouldn’t want that to be excluded as many of our IT assets already have built-in RFID tags.

  2. By:Steve DuScheid


    Great question. Yes, I was hoping to get input on any kind of asset tracking methods, including RFID. Do you have (or are you considering) RFID receivers to pickup the RFID signals and log location information? Would that only be for mobile or sensitive assets?

    On the bar code tags placed on your assets today, are they used at all in PeopleSoft or elsewhere? Where do they come from? Does IT apply them upon receipt? Do you tag all assets?

    If you would be willing to have a short phone conversation about this, free to email me and let me know- it might save you some typing.

    Thanks again.

  3. By:David Flax

    Our PC assets are not tracked with bar codes but we use assets from another entity that does track by bar code asset tags and it would be a big help if we could log those tags.

  4. By:Steve DuScheid


    For the assets that do have tags, do you have handheld scanners and software with which to collect data from them? In this case, you would just need to be able to load that information into ZAM as new records or updates to existing records. Or, are you looking for the devices/software to scan the tags and collect related data.


  5. Yes we barcode our IT assets and would love some solution to scan them into Zenworks asset management.

    That would rock, and save a lot of hassle.