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Do you Web 2.0?


May 27, 2009 3:38 am





Do you Web 2.0?

We have all heard of Web 2.0?

We’ve all been told over and over again how it is ‘the way forward’ and the ‘next generation of Internet’. In fact you probably use it without even realising.

Most of us probably use Flickr to show our friends where we’ve been, Facebook to find out what our friends are up to. Then of course there’s Twitter to see where Brittany or Ashton are working, what they had for lunch – or who they do or don’t buy underwear from.

But did you realise that these social networking sites can be useful in business too?

How many of you have setup a blog? Your intent was to provide daily updates on your life, loves, food, work and dog/cat. Works well for a couple of days, perhaps a week, but unless you have ‘one of those brains’ it soon fallsby the wayside and gets forgotten.

Sites like FaceBook and Twitter (Ok, not technically a site) are different. They provide more of a collaborative/community blogging effort – every time someone updates you find out, every time you update they find out.

So we all get involved, some even get addicted!

Of course to know what someone is doing you still need to know they are out there – and that is the purpose of this blog. I wanted to let you know that the ZENworks Team are social networkers too… We are on FaceBook and we Twitter – in fact most of us post to Flickr too, you will just need to search a little harder :o)

Go on… Take a look. It’s all here:

Facebook is here:

And the Twitterers are here:

  • Laurence Pitt (me) :
  • Jon Giffard (bartfast) :
  • Andy Philp :

Go on; add us, join the group. You never know what you might find – or where you might find us.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. By:bijubina

    I was not aware of the effectiveness of these web 2.0 properties. Thanks for the valuable information.

  2. By:Jimminy123

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to catch your blogs in one of those links. You’re right, though, the whole thing is addicting. I can’t stop checking my facebook and twitter accounts.

  3. By:domjoel

    And I can’t help but be thankful that there is web 2.0. So what about the detractors? I love the 2.0 world and the liberty it gives me. It’s just that sometimes it’s kind of hard to take out the spammers in twitter but generally, I’d say the experience is fantastic.

  4. By:changeyourlife

    When Twitter first started people were laughing at it and said it would never work, a bit like mobile phones when they first arrived I guess. I must admit I couldn’t see the fascination with knowing what somebody had for lunch but it has progressed to the number one communication tool on the web. Will it change your life? Only time will tell.

  5. By:Charlie806

    does anybody have any idea what the new Web 3.0 will be like? That would make for a good article. I personally don’t believe in twitter or Facebook because I don’t like my personal life being spread out over the Internet.

  6. By:kel379

    I am a 61 year old and still coming to grips with these social bookmarking sites. I have Twittered (kel397) and I have used Facebook, hubpages etc but I still find it hard to get my ageing head around the success of Twitter when you’re confined to 140 characters or whatever it is. I know many of us tend to talk on and on about something that interests us but 140 characters is not a lot. What about a Twitter 2 that allowed 500 characters?

    The Video Production Group

  7. By:Scott1357

    I Web 2.0 on Facebook but not on Twitter.

    Selling Ebooks

  8. By:rogerolsen

    I use Twitter all the time; it gets me a lot of traffic for one of my sites, really been thinking of creating a profile for my other sites as well.