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September 14, 2010 1:45 pm





AGS wrote:

Enterprise Architecture Project for a multi national company – Consultants – Dilbert Consulting Company
Project Owner – Big Man (BM)
Project Delivery Lead – Tall Man (TM)
Infrastructure Consultant – External Man (EM)
Security Consultant – Silo Man (SM)
Data Architect – Blinking Lady (BL)
Interoperability Framework (IF) Executive – You do the work I take the credit Man (YM)
Coordinating Executives – (M), (R), (S), and (T)

Weekly Cadence Call:
BM: M we need to submit a status report, what is the status on that
M: I require BL to send me her high level plan, I need the portal design from SM, and I need the high level plan from EM. I am targeting Thursday for delivery
TM: Do you have any questions EM?
EM: I was going through the IF document, I feel the sections on smart cards, directory services and resource management server requires more work.
YM: Can you give an example of what you would like to see?
EM: Let me pull up the IF document here real quick, which you had emailed to me
BM: Do you have the latest IF document EM?
TM: EM does not have access to the VSS, but YM had emailed it to him
EM: on page 167 there is only one specification for the directory services, LDAP compliant, what about high availability, and multi–factor authentication recommendations?
BL: page 167 has DNS server specifications
EM: Oh. I am using openoffice, you are probably using Word, maybe a couple pages up or down.
TM: I see 2 specifications in the Directory Services section
YM: That was more than a month ago, now there are about 8 specifications
BM: I see that the last check-in date is about 3 days ago on the VSS for the IF document
BL: I have checked it out yesterday and am working on the data section. My document has 2 specifications in the Directory Services section
SM: Let me download the current version from the VSS and check, I had checked-in one version about 2 weeks ago.
YM: But the current version on the VSS is not the one I am updating.
SM: My content in the current version is fine
BM: I think, M, why don’t you rope in R, S and T and review the complete 500 pages of the various versions of the IF document with EM, BL, SM, and YM and collate the most updated versions of each section into a final version of IF and check that into the VSS so that we can all start to contribute positively.

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