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Domain Services for Windows News from BS2011


October 14, 2011 10:38 am





BrainShare this year in Salt Lake city is a very interesting time for all fans of Open Enterprise Server . Open Enterprise Server version 11 is due for release at the end of the year and the move to a SLES11 SP1 code base brings many advantages. The latest information suggests that Domain Services for Windows running on OES11 will support (depending on hardware) 1000+ users per server. For those that have not found this gem yet it will provide an Active Directory emulation layer around eDirectory.

And now to the point of the post. This week at BrainShare we have demonstrated that both Snow Leopard and Lion can authenticate and have home directories automatically mapped when connecting to Domain Services for Windows on OES11. The Apple client requires one change for this to function, within the Directory Configuration on the Macintosh the UID mapping needs to be changed to uidNumber. A user can now authenticate to the DSFW Server and if mobile accounts are enabled will be created also on the Mac client device. The users home directory is also mapped.

If you are using the Apple Workgroup Manager uitilty then apple schema does need to be added to the directory and an Auxillary class added to the users. This will then support the synchronisation of home folders from the network to the local machine using functionality called Portable Home Directories. Hopefully in the short term a Cool Solution will be posted detailing these steps.

As a final thought, with ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP2 having Mac management capability, and OES11 with DSFW, do we not have the possibility of an enterprise Apple management solution at the very time that Apple have discontinued their own server solution.

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  1. By:rjneilly

    Hi. This is cool stuff, but I think you made a typo with the phrase “do we not have the possibility ..” I’m guessing that you meant to either end that sentence with a question mark, or to say “we do now have …” The way it is currently written it sounds like you are unsure about the capability of ZCM and DSfW to replace Apple’s discontinued management solution.

    My apologies if you intended to sound unsure…