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E-mail Declining? When Will We See the Shift?


February 14, 2011 12:44 pm





Guest post from Wendy Steinle, director of marketing for Novell Vibe

Last week saw a din of conversation around the recent Comscore report on internet email usage among consumers.  Most coverage has focused on the fact that email use is declining in a big way among young users, and at a reasonable click for all but users 55+. I find these results unsurprising, as they simply highlight the habits we’ve been living in our personal lives. But what the study left people wanting was data on email trends in the workplace.

A quick look at a slice of recent articles and comments shows that some people can’t imagine worklife without email, while other collaboration enthusiasts have long-since made the leap to replace the bulk of email communication with social messaging and other collaboration tools. So what’s the reality? One indicator that email is still prevalent for work use is the Comscore study’s finding that email use is up for people using mobile devices. (Are people with smart phones more likely to be business users? Probably.)

The past five years have shown that personal communication habits lead enterprise collaboration change. So what are we, in the workplace, waiting for? There are plenty of use cases and studies extolling the benefits of new collaboration tools that email can’t touch.  And it’s clear that many organizations are using public social media to communicate with listening audiences. But what’s holding us back from committing to the next generation of collaboration solutions as we seek to get our work done?

Enterprises are waiting for a compelling “work together” collaboration solution that incorporates social connections in context of work spaces, files, and real-time co-editing tools. Social networking alone won’t help us be more productive. And, the right work-together solution has to give IT the security and controls to stand up to audits and compliance requirements.

In case you haven’t kept up on this blog, the solution is here! Novell Vibe delivers social collaboration for the enterprise. It incorporates Novell’s expertise in collaboration with our market-leading identity and security know-how to give users the work-together tools they want and IT the security it needs. We built Novell Vibe for people in the workplace because it’s time for social getworking.

Though email will remain for certain and specific purposes, change is coming! Our sales people are very busy talking with email customers who are quite interested in social collaboration for the enterprise. Try it for yourself at .
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