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Email Protection with Reload Pays Dividends for First National Bank



July 29, 2010 12:02 pm





Email is a primary form of communication for First National Bank. Since email interruption can wreak havoc on employee productivity and customer service, they took steps to prepare for an email disaster. And it paid off. When an air conditioning unit stopped working in one of the company’s server rooms, the temperature rose and the servers, including the email server, began to shut down. An employee restarted the email server before it had sufficiently cooled, and the result was a corrupted database. Over the next few hours, the company’s IT personnel tried, unsuccessfully, to repair the database. After that, the decision was made to switch over to the GWAVA Reload server. In 10 minutes, the email service was back up and running. A few days later, they began the pre-migration process. It went so smoothly that switching back to the primary server went undetected.

“Migrating from the backup server is usually the hardest part of the process. But with Reload, it almost seemed too easy,” says Christina Pedas, Sr. Network Engineer.

Email Accessibility is a Big Time Saver

First National Bank’s policy is to store emails for many years for its 2500 employees. And, at least once a week, they need to access an old email. With Reload, it’s easy to do. They just put GroupWise in restore mode, point to the backup and restore the email.

Before First National Bank chose Reload, they were backing up their emails using a tape backup. Initially, they were just looking for a replacement solution—only to be used in an extreme circumstance. But Reload provided much more. Using their old tape backup, it would take several days to recover a single email. Both Legal and Human Resources departments at the bank needed a faster and more frequent response, so the IT department turned to Reload. Now, not only does Reload securely store their email backups, but it lets First National Bank employees access those emails in minutes. They have come to rely on Reload on a day-to-day basis, rather than an emergency backup system only. Reload has significantly eased the burden on the company’s IT personnel, freeing up time for other projects.

Reload is the “security blanket” that First National Bank relies on to make sure their emails are both safe and accessible at a moment’s notice. Because of the ease of their previous Reload migration after the email server failure, First National Bank plans on making Reload a part of their next server migration.

“From a Legal and HR standpoint, Reload gives us great credibility. If someone needs something researched, we can provide the exact information quickly to verify precise dates and times. We can provide everything they ask for.” – Christina Pedas

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