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October 29, 2008 10:34 am





We need a sniffer solution that will copy all GroupWise email traffic and store the traffic. This is not intended to be an archive solution. Ideally this sniffer will be a drop and play appliance with management capability. The purpose is to create a permanent storage of all GroupWise traffic for a seven year period to meet government regulations. Is there such a COTS solution available or one that can be assembled by an IT staff?

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  1. By:kvictor

    if your company will pay development of that sniffer, then I am ready to make this project for you. Contact via my site:
    Victor Kulichkin

  2. By:Anonymous

    I’ve done extensive research on this subject so let me share my insight. First, there is not a government regulation that requires that you save your companies emails for 7 years. Yes I know that companies who sell email archiving devices do make such statements, but it just isn’t true. What you need is a policy on email retention and then follow it. For example, you can set forth a policy that states you will retain email for 60 days. After 60 days, the email will be deleted. Now if this is your policy and someone request an email from two weeks ago and you delete them and say “sorry, no can do!” Well then, that will bring about legal problems.

    It’s important to understand that the government in this situation is not trying to raise the sale of archive devices, they are trying to curve deception and fraud. For example, when Enron was coming under investigation, tons of important documents and memos were shredded. In the case of emails, the government wants to insure that if an investigation is needed, the company or organization cannot delete emails to avoid prosecution.

    I should mention that if you are capturing email (incoming, outgoing or both) and then storing it, that is called email archiving. You can call it something like a “sniffer email storing device”, but it’s still an email archiver. Some think of archiving as saving to a disc so that the information will be available for 100 years, but most email archiving solutions are typically setup to archive for less than 10 years

    Now as far as a good solution for archiving email, we have found the Barracuda message archiver to be the best value. It works with GroupWise, it has great features and the cost is low compared to its competitors. We are a school district and we have done extensive research on email archiving. I wish you luck on your project.

  3. By:mikebell90

    what the difference between this and an archive application such as Retain, M+Archive, and Nexic Discovery is.

  4. By:skoltogyan

    And your software will be create BC for mails
    from: user1.post1.dom1 to: user2.post1.dom1 ?