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Essay Contest Winner: Reload—The Email Restore Tool



August 17, 2017 9:41 am





We recently held an essay contest inviting Micro Focus employees and customers to describe why they love using Micro Focus products. We wanted to know how our users were using Micro Focus products to make their lives—and the lives of their users—easier. Entries were sorted into solution groups and judged by the appropriate Solution Marketer.

This entry was selected as the first-place winner in the Collaboration solution group. The author, Denise Brinkman, received the first-place prize of a $350 Amazon Gift card as well as a free, Micro Focus community t-shirt.

Take a look at the winning entry below.

By: Denise Brinkman

In 2008, while on vacation, I was contacted by the Dean of Enrollment, who let me know that she had 5 messages in her GroupWise inbox and they were all from that day. Her Sent Items only had that day’s sent email and her calendar was empty. Her personal Address Book was empty. In essence, her entire mailbox was missing. And she wanted to know if I could “fix” it and pretty much demanded to know how long it was going to take. Sigh…

Of course, I did all the usual first steps: I ran an Analyze/Fix on her mailbox with GWCheck, followed by a Structural Rebuild when the Analyze/Fix did nothing. Neither of those recovered the email and contacts in the Dean’s mailbox. I then ran a Rebuild on her account (which took over 3 hours) and got some mail and some appointments back, but it was (of course) all dumped in the inbox and hard to find anything. I knew I would have to resort to restoring her mailbox from backup.

Knowing I could not simply restore that Dean’s mailbox, I contacted our Datacenter Administrator and asked him to start a restore of her post office—which contained approximately 800 GroupWise “power” users. Finding a server with enough space to restore the whole post office to was a challenge but my Datacenter Admin and I were able to just barely make room for the restore job. Once the restore began, I waited to get a time estimate from the backup software (SyncSort), knowing it would be much longer than the Dean would like. After nearly 45 minutes, the time estimate from the backup software finally showed up on the restore job screen—32 hours. In the end, it took nearly 3 days to get the dean’s account restored. This was not how I had intended to spend my vacation!

So, at that point, I decided to investigate GWAVA’s Reload product. I had heard about it at BrainShare one year but couldn’t talk my manager into spending the money to purchase it. After the 3 day mailbox restore, I had lots more ammunition to make my case. And, in 2009, he relented! After purchasing Reload and getting it installed and configured, I didn’t need to use it for anything but backups for quite a while. And then, several months later, my moment arrived. I had to restore a day’s worth of messages to an employee’s mailbox. It took me nearly an hour simply because I didn’t know what I was doing. But I was definitely encouraged that it was ONLY an hour.

In the 8 years since, I learned how to set up Auto-Reload functionality, so that end users can restore their own messages—many never even call me! When I upgraded to GroupWise 2014, I inadvertently created some data corruption on 3-4 users’ accounts. Reload bailed me out again. Took mere minutes to restore from backup!

What I have learned about Reload is this: many backup products are perfectly capable of backing up GroupWise email servers, but there is no other product EXCEPT Reload that can restore GroupWise in any quick, simple, useable way! I’m happy that Micro Focus purchased GWAVA so that Reload can be the “go to” GroupWise mail restoration product. All GroupWise users should have Reload—it’s just that good!

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