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Expanding the ZENworks Pre Boot Menu to start the DBAN Tool to Wipe Disks


February 22, 2008 12:16 am





When our old PCs leave the Company, we must wipe the disks with the DBAN Tool from SourceForge.

In the background we must boot the PC from Disk, CD or USB Stick to start the DBAN Tool, but not all of our PCs have the possibilty to do this, so we integrated the tool in the ZENworks Preboot Menu and then we can boot from the network.

  1. Download the DBAN for installation on floppy disks and USB Flash Drives from
  2. With the downloaded EXE, create a bootable USB Stick with DBAN.
  3. Copy the whole contents of the stick to the ZENworks tftp Directory.
    (For example – sys:\tftp\Dban)
  4. In the sys:\tftp\cmd Directory create a filecalled dban.cmd
  5. Edit the dban.cmd file like this:
    LABEL  autonuke
    KERNEL /dban/kernel.bzi
    APPEND initrd=dban/initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0 init=/rc nuke="dwipe --autonuke" silent

    or read the DBAN Documentation for other Options.

  6. Modify the DEFMENU.DAT File with the MEDITOR.EXE Tool from Novell to start
    the dban.cmd File.
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  1. By:pprice

    Can’t seem to get the correct command to launch from the menu in step 6. can you share what you used? This looks great.

    • By:lewe

      LoadLin.dnx cmds\DBAN.cmd
      is the content of the Command Field in the Menu Editor.

      in the sys:\tftp\cmds\ Directory
      I Create the DBAN.CMD, with that content:

      LABEL autonuke
      KERNEL /dban/kernel.bzi
      APPEND initrd=dban/initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0 init=/rc nuke=”dwipe –autonuke” silent

      I hope you mean that.


  2. By:mikeyes

    When you try to add a command to the Zenworks Pre-boot menu using the MEDITOR.EXE program it wants to reference a .DNX file. None of the other default options point directly to a .CMD file. How do you use the MEDITOR to add in the dban.cmd?

    • By:lewe

      I´m not the Linux Expert, but
      I think the Loadlin.dnx is the Interpreter
      from Linux to execute the “DOS”-CMD File.

      The Command can you see in the Subject.

      I hope i´ve understand you
      an can help

  3. By:jjader

    Command should look like this:
    loadlin.dnx cmds/dban.cmd

  4. By:bkharmon1

    Taking this a step further, We may be wiping 1000 machines at a time. So I also renamed our z_auto.cmd file to z_auto.old or whatever you want, and then rename our dban.cmd to z_auto.cmd. Now we can use Console one, I can sent out a image to these machines, when they PXE boot, the know they have work to do, and load z_auto.cmd and instead of the image process starting on all of these machines, DBAN starts up and wipes them all! Then I just copy the old z_auto.cmd back and can begin imaging my new machines! Very cool.

  5. By:anonymous

    you have other options out there
    reference: dban autonuke comparison