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Experience Next Generation Enterprise Printing – Micro Focus iPrint 3.1

Gil Cattelain


October 10, 2017 1:20 pm





Over the last several years, your business has undergone a major technological transformation. Every department, from the data center to marketing to finance, is now being driven by the latest connected technologies and automated solutions.

There is one system that is stuck in the past, though: Your printers. Employees, in other words, are still struggling to connect to your machines — a problem which is both time-consuming and frustrating. Your printers aren’t optimized for mobile, either, and they also lack some essential new security features.

It’s important to realize there is a whole new world of enhancements available for your enterprise printing system. Now, it’s easier than ever to manage your printers and for end users to connect to them.

This week, for instance, we’re releasing the latest version of our renowned enterprise printing suite — Micro Focus iPrint 3.1.

Micro Focus iPrint streamlines the entire printing experience for users and administrators, resulting in a printing environment that is much more efficient, and safe. This program provides a single, scalable solution that allows users to print across multiple locations and from any device.

You’ll find some great new features in iPrint 3.1, like support for Advanced Authentication in the iPrint Appliance which provides extra security when releasing WalkUp jobs. It’s a multifactor solution that utilizes a smartphone and card combination to enable secure printing to iPrint machines with minimal intervention from administrators.

The release also introduces iPrint Client 6.10 for Windows, which gives users the option to print directly from the context menu. Using this feature, users can print from any format without having to install drivers or printers. So it results in a much more seamless experience.

What’s more, the iPrint Management Console has been given a new workflow for certificate management. Now, administrators have to simply upload their CA signed certificates and apply them to the services that are used by iPrint Appliance.

Here are three more exciting features you will find in iPrint 3.1:

  • AppConfig for Android: This update, which will be available with the Android 3.1 app release, benefits partner vendors by granting basic EMM support for AppConfig.
  • Print Portal — Disable IPP Page: Administrators now have the ability to disable their Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) page in favor of the iPrint Portal for complete control over their printers.
  • Print Portal — Tags Configuration: This improves print-portal usability, enabling more detailed descriptions of printers.

To learn more information about iPrint 3.1, click here.

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  1. By:dbgallo

    is this appliance only or oes-iprint as well?