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Extensions in Teaming 2.1


February 19, 2010 1:11 pm





As indicated in our Introductory Article about new functionality in Teaming 2.1, Teaming provides users with a variety of tools to manage their information assets. Besides the out-of-the-box features,Teaming also gives administrators extension points, which allow you to extend the core functionality of Teaming even farther than before.

Components of an Extension

The key components of extension are the following extension points:

Entry Definition: The core building block of Teaming. Provides the form (the data entry elements) and the view (the layout information) components that make Teaming accessible to the user.

Workflow: You can extend workflows to interact with external data sources and applications in order to enhance the features and capabilities of your Teaming installation. Workflow states can be used as extension points to connect to a database or access an online resource.

Templates: Folders and Workspaces created for reuse across Teaming. Teaming provides a number of templates out of the box, or users can create their own templates in XML definitions. Templates can incorporate extensions to give the user more features in folders and workspaces.

Custom JSPs/Custom Java Classes: You can use custom JSPs to create custom elements in a form to perform dynamic form element modification or validation. JSPs must be used in conjunction with other extension points to really empower Teaming.

You use these extension points to create extensions that customize Teaming to cater to your specific needs. If you want to build your own extensions, a great resource in building extensions can be found on Kablink. You can also check out the Teaming Library section of Kablink for some more information.

Adding an Extension

Adding an existing extension is straightforward. This example shows you how to create a video folder in a workspace.

The video folder extension is one example of what extensions can do. It is also especially useful when you want to upload videos onto teaming.


Step 1
Click here to download the Video Folder extension that can also be found on Kablink Community


Step 2
Go to the workspace where you want to add a video folder, then click Manage>Site Administration>Manage Extension>Add a new extension


Step 3
Click Browse to search for the extension that you downloaded in Step 1. Select the extension, then add it by clicking Open>Add.


Step 4
To add the new video folder, simply click Manage>Add New Folder. Give the folder a name, select Video Folder, and then click click Add. You’re done!

After you add an extension, you can click the extension name to find out more information about the extension.

Forms and Workflows

Forms and workflows are additional powerful extension points in Teaming. We won’t go into more detail, but you can get an idea of what they are by looking at the Teaming Library . Besides providing ready-to-go forms and workflows for you to download and begin using, it also has a series of articles about how to create forms and workflows.

The extension feature of Teaming 2.1 adds significant value to Teaming and by helping users extend the core functionality that Teaming offers out of the box. To find out more about other features in Teaming 2.1, check out our Introductory Article.

-Teaming Library

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