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Favourite TID part 2


July 10, 2006 10:52 am





Well, that was a post that generated some interest.

It seems that most people have favourite documents that they use all the time; for help, reference or just to be able to stay informed.

I’ve had a bunch of offline e-mails about this one and got a pretty good list of ZENworks related TID’s going now. So my plan is to keep them all secret and use the knowledge to improve my own engagements…

Ok, so I can’t really do that. What I am really going to do is let this run for another week and then compile a list for this Blog.

Who knows, maybe if I get enough we could lobby the Novell Support website to start publishing the ‘top tens’ and help you guys out?

**Written in Provo. Very hot today, so hiding indoors**

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  1. We’ll be happy to publish a round-up article in Cool Solutions about them when you’ve got the list done.