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Filr 3.2 is now available!



June 7, 2017 1:57 pm





The Filr team has been doing a fantastic job of releasing new features in “Rapid Release” mode!

Rapid release shortens the time for us to share features and enhancements you’ve requested. We are committed to delivering features and enhancements in this mode every four months. Rapid release also helps you to easily stay current on features and fixes and through convenient updates to the latest version of Filr.

We released the first of Rapid release, Filr 3.1, via the Online Update Channel in February 2017.

We are seeing great adoption of the model with many of you leading the way. It was amazing to see around 95% of attendees at the recently concluded Open Horizon Summit already on Filr 3.1!

If you haven’t already registered for getting the updates – please have a look at the cool solution describing it.

The Filr Team is excited to share Filr’s next update – Filr 3.2!

Filr 3.2 will also be released via the Online Update Channel and thus won’t require you to rip and replace your existing Filr 3 virtual machines.

Filr 3.2 brings some of the exciting features you have been waiting for:

Support for Multi-Factor Authentication: The days of single factor authentication are soon over. With Filr 3.2 you can move beyond username and password to a more secure way to protect your sensitive information. Filr integrates with Micro Focus Advanced Authentication –which specializes in multiple factors of authentication to so that you can now secure access to Filr further. With the Centralized policy engine, Geo-Fencing, Web-based administration and configuration portal, etc. – you get more fine-grained control of who, how, and when the factors of authentication should be prompted.

Integration with Exchange/Outlook: With files getting richer and bigger, sharing files with email clients puts in a huge amount of load on email servers. The Filr team has come up with a plugin for Outlook which can be used – based on policies set by Filr administrator – to automatically strip message attachments, upload them to the Filr server, and add a link to the attachment file in the email’s body. Let the email servers do what they are designed for – emails and let Filr do all the heavy lifting of file access and sharing!

Enhanced Protection against Ransomware: The Files on Demand Client we introduced in Filr 2.0 ensured that Filr users don’t end up downloading all files accessible to them to their local hard disk. Automatic clean-up policies for cached files ensure that the local copies of files downloaded by users get removed after use and reduce the chance of an attack. Process blocking further mitigates the risk of Ransomware attack by ensuring that Ransomware can’t download online files. With Filr 3.2, checking for changes to the types of file getting saved back to Filr helps further bring down the risks associated with Ransomware!

Enhancements to Auditing and Reporting: Administrators can now get reports on all the files and folders shared by users who are either disabled or deleted from Filr. This will help you take back or reassign control of such shares based on organizational policies.

Integration with Microsoft Office for saving files: For Microsoft Office users, Filr now provides the ability to save new files easily into Filr by listing Filr in the “Save” dialog box. Let your end users be even more productive with Filr!

Usability enhancements: Like in past – based on your inputs: we continue to enhance Filr on aspects like Usability, Performance etc.

So, go ahead and update to Filr 3.2 as soon as you can to get more out of Filr!

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