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Filr 3.3 is getting ready!



November 27, 2017 10:11 am





(Update 2017 December 13: Filr 3.3 is released!!!)

The Filr team is getting ready to release Filr 3.3 with some exciting new capabilities!

As you may already know, rapid releases shortens the time for us to share features and enhancements you’ve requested. We are committed to delivering features and enhancements in this mode every four months. Rapid release also helps you to easily stay current on features and fixes and through convenient updates to the latest version of Filr.

We released Filr 3.1.0, 3.1.1, 3.2.0, 3.2.1, 3.2.2 in rapid release mode via the Online Update Channel in 2017 so far. We are seeing great adoption of the model with many of you leading the way – thank you!

Note: If you are still not on the latest version of Filr (and thus missing features like Multi Factor Authentication, Outlook plugin, File type blocking etc.) – please have a look at this blog to find how easy it is to update your Filr systems.

Filr 3.3 will also be released via the Online Update Channel and thus you will be able to have your Filr systems updated to version 3.3 easily.

Here are some exciting features we will bring in Filr 3.3:

  1. Multi Tenancy: As a partner you can now host Filr for different customers in a very easy and cost effective manner. This will also help customers who have departments which wants separate Filr systems for themselves. With Filr zones that we will bring in Filr 3.3: each department and tenant will be able to manage, provision & customize their Filr system in the way they want. Added to that, capabilities like setting storage quote so that Filr will send email notification when the quota is getting filled and metering will make it very easy to manage.
  2. Filr Plugin for Microsoft office: If your users work mostly with Microsoft Office files – here is some great news for you. Using MS Office plugin – your users will be able to open, save, save as and share MS Office files from the MS Office applications. Filr’s “Files on Demand” desktop clients continues to provide you access to the needed files even when offline. Welcome to age/era of spoiling users with tools to be most productive!
  3. Linux Client (Tech Preview): We listen and thus when the request for Linux Client for Filr shot up in the most voted ideas at ideas portal – we decided to build one. We are starting with trimmed down variant of what we have for Windows and Mac Desktop. And we will enhance it in the future based on your inputs.
  4. File request: This is also inspired by your requests at the ideas portal. Many a times all you want is to find an easy way to get one off file from an external person and you don’t want them to register themselves to your Filr system. In Filr 3.3 we are bringing in an option for your Filr users to request non-Filr users to just upload a file anonymously.
  5. Mobile apps:
    1. Now take photos that you want to save in Filr from Filr mobile apps.
    2. For Android app users – you can upload multiple files in background.
  6. Usability enhancements: Like in the past – based on your input: we continue to enhance Filr on aspects like Usability, Performance, etc.

So, get ready to update to Filr 3.3 as soon as it’s available to get to the best of Filr!

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  1. By:davidkrotil

    Every feature is in Standard Edition too ?

    • By:kdevadas

      Hi David,

      Multi Tenancy & File request are available in Filr Advanced edition only.

      Remaining all features are available to Standard edition too.


  2. By:whenz

    Great to see all these improvements.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. By:e-ebell

    Great to see that the Filr product management is listening to the users’ and customers’ requests in the ideas portal! Cool features. Can’t wait to roll it out.

  4. By:tomanstey

    Looking forward to seeing it! Well done all.

  5. By:vera

    How can standard and advanced licenses be operated in parallel?

  6. By:jnehrer

    The Advanced features seem exciting, just as the Linux client. Good to see the innovation in the product line. Thanks Filr team!

  7. By:davidkrotil

    Not sure if this is intended, but link to Micro Focus® Filr Client Downloads is named Download Filr Desktop Application, causing help desk calls, because users can’t find MS Office plugin.

  8. By:RENEK

    Did you planning to extend the Office Plugin that it can also work with net folders and not just MyFiles?