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Filr Desktop Application for macOS High Sierra



September 27, 2017 1:16 pm





Update (2017 December 13th): Filr Mac Client with support for macOS High Sierra is now available as part of Filr 3.3 which is now available in update channels. Thanks for your patience on this!

As the Product Manager for Filr, I wanted to take a quick minute and provide an update on the status of Filr support for macOS High Sierra. Micro Focus Filr 3.2 Desktop Application for Mac currently doesn’t work on macOS High Sierra release. You are probably also aware that there have been quite a few challenges across the industry with the release of macOS High Sierra as well (including reports of alleged zero day Security Vulnerabilities and service providers warning service disruptions on “High Sierra”).

First, let me apologize for the delay in supporting this release. Like for macOS Sierra 10.12 – we began the work to support the Filr client on “High Sierra” with the first beta builds. Unfortunately, we found that the framework code we integrate with was changing drastically between betas. As such we had to wait for the code to stabilize, and unfortunately that didn’t happen until shortly before Apple opted to release the product.

Second, I want to assure all of you that we are heads down working to address this problem as quickly as possible. We are treating this as the highest priority and are doing all we can to get an updated client with support for “High Sierra” as soon as we can.

Finally, in the future we will work hard to ensure that we are testing and addressing issues with the betas of macOS products so that we can support them at or near ship. We at Micro Focus really value your business and assure you that we will do everything we can to reduce the time between new OS releases and Filr support in the future.



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  1. By:jwalls2007


    Thanks for this article… Is there any further update to the new client for Mac OS – High Sierra?

    • By:kdevadas

      Yes jwalls (John?).

      Here is the update:
      a) First round of beta testing is completed.
      b) Team is currently refining the client based on the feedback from beta testers.
      c) Plan to share the second and final beta build this week
      d) Unless no critical issues are found by beta testers – we will ship the client via Online Update Channel soon.

      Let know if you would like test the beta build (PM or email me).

  2. By:jancux75

    Betatesting please.

  3. By:acullmann

    Hi Dev,

    will there be a Patch for Filr 2 as well?


  4. By:simonpalmer123

    Hi Dev,
    How is support for 10.13.4/5/6 looking?

    • By:kdevadas

      Hi Simon,

      Where you looking for update on beta builds of 10.14?

      If so: we have been testing the beta builds of 10.14 and have been able to get Filr work with changes to some of the libraries we use.

      We will continue to test and enhance the client on later version of Mac 10.14 and be ready to release with Apple releases 10.14

      If you were looking for new version of Mac 10.13: we have been testing Filr client on the updates on Mac 10.13

      Let know.