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Your Firewall Is Weak: Here’s Why

Gil Cattelain


June 18, 2015 11:46 am





seahawksNow that the majority of professional football teams are overhauling their defensive strategies in preparation for the 2015 NFL season, it’s a great time to stop and consider your own network’s line of defense: your firewall.

What’s the connection between football and your network, you ask? A football team needs a combination of a strong defensive line, followed by a row of defensive ends and tackles, and a third and fourth row of backs and safeties to keep the opponent’s ball out of its end zone. Each layer of defenders in the stack acts as additional protection, keeping the offensive intruders at bay. Take one layer away and you weaken your position, allowing a possible breach in your defense.

The reality is that most network firewalls act as a first line of defense—that is, like a single row of linebackers—and that’s about it. Some networks may have an additional component called a firewall hook driver. Most of the time, these defensive elements operate at the top of a network stack (in the application and transport layers)—just like linebackers and tackles. Meanwhile, the rest of the network often operates without any protection.

This is the way that most leading firewall solutions work.

In sharp contrast, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management from Micro Focus protects each individual layer of the network by using a robust Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS), which is essentially an application-programming interface (API). ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects—and encrypts—your network right down to the physical layer.

In addition to its advanced threat protection and data encryption capabilities, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management also comes with security features like strict policy enforcements and decryption capabilities.

Do you want to make your network even stronger than the Seattle Seahawks’ defense? Click here to learn more about how ZENworks can help.

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