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January 20, 2007 2:38 pm






Like many others at Novell, I always prefer to do life demos when I need to deliver a session. A running demo environment allows you to be flexible while doing a presentation and in general the audience finds it more attractive to see the real thing. In some situations however it’s more easy to just show some Flash presentation with a recording.

Today as was preparing myself for a demo I need to deliver next week, and due to the fact that the time I’ve got to run this demo is very limited, I decided to play safe and use a Flash presentations instead of running a real product installation. To create demo’s like this I’m using Wink, it’s a great freeware tool that allows me to capture what happens on the screen (both Windows and Linux) and allows me to edit what I’ve captured. I can add “Next” buttons so it will hold the presentation while I’m running it, it allows me to skip some of the time it takes to perform the install and I can export the demo into a Flash or EXE file (you may guess what I’ll be using to run the demo on my SLED workstation 😉 ).

Are you using screen captures for training or demo, and if so what tools are you using to create these? Any tips or tricks?

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  1. Cool! Definitely gonna check this out. We have purchased some licenses for Camtasia Studio, which seems pretty slick but free is always preferable to me 🙂

  2. Ok, I can attest. This is cool.

  3. By:Luis C. S. M.

    Hi Ron.

    Tnx for showing us another great tool for Linux users who have to deal with making some screen captures for manuals and howtos.
    Nevertheless, I must say I had some little trouble installing this nice app. It asked me to install but is already installed in /usr /lib directory, so what I did was a tricky “# cp -l” in the /usr/bin/ directory and that worked just fine. This trick is also mentioned in DebugMode’s forum, so the credit is for the author :).

    Luis Suárez