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Flooded Law Firm Stays Connected with Reload



September 14, 2010 10:38 am





When planning for a disaster, most of us generally envision fires, earthquakes or power-related problems. But as Stanley Tee found out, a disaster can be much less glamorous, although just as devastating. A burst connection pipe to the back of a toilet started a chain of events that were to prove disastrous – but thanks to Reload, not unrecoverable.

Not long after Stanley Tee had installed GWAVA Reload on two separate servers to back up their GroupWise® email system, a water pipe to a toilet burst. Whilst some distance from the server room, the constant flow of water found its way through ducting and flat roof voids, eventually emerging right above the main servers, where it dripped into the SAN and Blade Centre – causing the SAN to be unusable.

But with their GroupWise system safely backed up on an off-site Reload server, all Stanley Tee personnel were able to access their email within a few minutes of this catastrophe. They then ran for several days on that Reload server while the IT department dealt with the myriad other problems created by the crisis.

“Like most businesses, email is crucial to us. It is our main source of communication with our customers. Failure to respond to an email within certain timeframes could mean a complaint against one of our solicitors, or a negligence claim against the firm,” states Ken Lowe, IT Head for Stanley Tee.

Once the damaged equipment was replaced later in the week, the IT department ran a migration from the Reload server to the new environment.

“There was no down time of the email system to users. We lost not one, single email,” explains Ken Lowe. “The flood was a period of huge stress and incredibly long hours, but we came through completely intact. The only time we ever really thought about email was when people remarked, ‘Can you imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t installed Reload?’”
Stanley Tee originally installed GWAVA Reload on their GroupWise system in preparation for their move to Linux. They wanted to make sure their emails were secured before they began the migration. After reading what Reload could do, they not only backed up their system, but performed the actual migration easily with Reload.

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