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Get Ready!! GroupWise 8.0.1 is coming soon!!!


August 10, 2009 12:00 am





We had our first Gold Master Candidate build available this morning for testing, development, IS&T, etc. We met as the CCB (Change Control Board) and we still have a few more issues to work out, but we are very close. Currently we have 8 issues we are investigating, trying to duplicate and have identified as “show stoppers”.

We have met all of our engineering ship criteria and now are working on some of the auxiliary functions like export, digital signing of images, final readme and marketing and sales alignment. Engineering ship criteria includes quality metrics, testing runs, functionality requirements and platform support.

IS&T will continue internal rollout, our authorized BETA sites have been very helpful in identifying any remaining issues and NTS is helping us prioritize our final list of deliverables. As with any software product, perfection can be elusive. However, I am confident that we have added upon the quality standards currently shipping in 7.0.3 and 8.0.0.

Please stay tuned as we move through the final days of GroupWise 8.0.1 engineering efforts and prepare for General Availability!!

We are very excited for this release and I know that the anticipation continues to be very strong. We are confident you will find not only the functionality significantly improved over the 7.x product, but the quality as well. Get ready – 8.0.1 is coming!!


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  1. By:clausbc

    Really hope this will solve International characters in web access issue, which has been discussed widely in forums.

  2. By:ghoman

    I hope that this gets fixed in 801

    • By:dlythgoe

      Without specifics, I could not answer definitely, but we have addressed several IMAP/GWIA issues in 8.0.1.

      If you have an SR# – I can get back to you with a more detailed response.


  3. By:smoreman

    Looking forward to those extra Teaming integrations bit’s :>


  4. By:MHGlenn

    ….Now I can start thinking about deployment.

  5. By:stideswe

    Hello Dean

    I have tried T2 and it is a big improvement over T1. However it doesn’t work properly for me with the GW8HP2 client for win32. The Teaming folder appears and expands properly but the RHS content panes all come up blank when viewed in the GW client (OK in a browser). The RHS panes just display an IE error.

    This could be an error/omission on my part but it also occurred to me that it was because T2 is not supported in GW8.0 and requires 8.01 or something?


    • By:dlythgoe

      We have made several changes in 8.0.1 to accommodate new Web Services APIs and fixes implemented in Teaming 2.0. So the answer is yes – 8.0.1 provides a much more integrated solution with Teaming then 8.0 and Teaming 1.0.

      We recommend that for the best solution that you run 8.0.1 and Teaming 2.0.


  6. By:emerson

    Since we, a reseller, unfortunately are quite convinced that there will be issues after it’s release, probably some of the one’s allready known.

    A public beta in time could probably have saved some customers in regions were international characters are common. We at least see losses to the “other side” due to GW8 not beeing ready yet….

    A public beta still showing these issues could at least given many people a second chance to try to improve the release.

    Hope Im wrong,, hope it’s the (much needed) killer release.

  7. By:dlythgoe

    We considered doing a public BETA. It is not typical of a support pack and not a lot of new features that we thought we needed feedback on. The impact to the schedule was the main reason for not doing a public beta which was weighed against the feedback and extra eyes which could have been a benefit.

    We did have an authorized BETA and the feedback has been very positive on the quality. As with any large software product, it is difficult to know if we have tested every situation, configuration and scenario, but we feel confident that the metrics we use to determine our ship criteria have been met.

    As far as GrouopWise 8 being ready – I think it was ready last November 🙂 Most of the customers who were not impeded by company policy to roll out that version have reported a very stable, productivity enhancing, feature packed product.

    In addition, we released two Hot Patches since last November and all of those fixes have been in the public, production domain for several months.

    GroupWise 8 is a killer release! GroupWise 8 SP1 is simply building on that very solid base.


  8. By:emerson

    Thanks Dean for the responce.

    Actually, we, and a lot of the customer’s IT-people had hopes that GW8 would be the needed release to gain trust out in office landscapes, but…

    We have only rolled out GW8 inhose here, not a single customer have felt comfortable with the issues still beeing in GW8. My feeling is that most of these issues are 1; international characters, 2; frequent topics in the forums

    Groupwise need to make impressions for the users, not only to the tech-people, otherwise we know were they move…, but giving them new issues by rolling out a version that still today has to many unresolved bugs would be a bad idea. I know, and so does the tech-people, about the unforeseen stuff like Nokia’s decision,etc, problem is; users don’t care or listen that much. They only know ( or at least think they know ) how much easier and better everything else is. Convincing the values of GW in terms of stability, administration, etc works towards the techies, sure, but if they, the tech-people have all users putting pressure on them about all they could do if the just had outlook,etc, instead, then we’re loosing.

    Ready last november ?
    Well, we did do an upgrade just the last weekend on the server-side for a customer. Very old issues like, ofviews not beeing copied, .dc files not beeing copied, etc are still there. For us that’s been doing this for some time, these are small obstacles but very un-necessary, for a “normal” end-customer setting this up, these are major traps and ones I just can’t understand or accept. These types of issues can be found discussed in the forums for years…and they still occurs ?

    Sorry for the negative tone, actually we DO want GW and Novell to succed since it’s the path we’ve been going for over a decade, I just wished that things were going better.

    • By:dlythgoe

      This is good feedback and very welcome. If you have not been satisfied, then I am certainly disappointed with our performance with regards to your experience.

      In order for any of your issues to be actionable, I need specifics. When you say that not a single customer has felt comfortable with the issues still in GW8, then I need a lot more details in order for my team to address any of them. I have/understand the issue with the view files and the dc files. That one is a little more tricky. If you follow GW8 best practices, then it works, but those best practices are slightly different this time around.

      My recommendation: You must contact NTS and open SRs on the issues you believe your customers are uncomfortable with.

      I will say, however, that your voice seems to be an exception. At least the customers, partners, sales reps, resellers and users that I have talked to at events, through email, on beta programs, through blogs, newsgroups and phone calls has been overwhelmingly positive and very happy with the features and the quality of GroupWise 8. I’ll say again – they have been happy – even though we all recognize that a perfect product is elusive.

      I admit, that some have expressed that they wish we would have done more. I have those same reservations with lots of things 🙂


  9. By:WalterH

    I did not see the SP1 download!

    Will GW 8 SP1 released this week end == end of August?


  10. By:emerson

    Just downloaded,
    Just ran the “upgrade” option of the client from the client/setup.exe
    Just got document managent activated.

    Since I’ve never used, or choosen document-integration,
    one could think/hope that it wouldn’t be default now ??

    Off course not a major obstacle to create/edit setup.cfg to avoid this,
    but not very plug’n’play..

  11. By:worm5406

    Today is 1 SEP….. I wonder what news we will get today.

  12. By:dlythgoe

    Just responding to the comments – 8.0.1 shipped on August 31st.

    Please see the latest blogs.


  13. By:mobilekaren

    Thanks for the update on SP1.