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Get Ready: iPrint 2.1 Is Now Available!

Gil Cattelain


August 1, 2016 3:10 pm






A few weeks ago, we asked you to sit tight for some exciting changes that are coming to the iPrint Virtual Appliance, our program that enables self-service printing for end users and guests, as well as cross-platform access to printers across the enterprise.

We’re excited to announce that iPrint version 2.1 is now officially available for shipping.

In version 2.1, you will find the many of the same features that were made available in its predecessor, version 2.0, which was released in the spring. But as is to be expected, there are some exciting additions beyond basic bug fixes. The newest version contains support for MAC filters (for automatically configuring client machines), as well as support for all Apple AirPrint certified printers.

Along with the release of iPrint 2.1, Micro Focus also unveils the new Chromebook Extension 1.0. This update will enable end users to install and manage printers directly from their Chromebooks with the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). What’s more, Chromebook Extension 1.0 has its own native user interface, allowing users to print to secure and non-secure printers alike. It will eliminate the need to install iPrint desktop clients or even connect to the cloud before printing.

You should also be on the lookout second week of August for the iPrint iOS App 3.0, which will provide extension support as well as WalkUp job management for mobile and desktop users. This will also allow users to print from Web pages, and print images and photos.

We’re very excited about iPrint 2.1 and its accompanying updates, and we’re confident that it will make printing easier than it has ever been in your enterprise.

For more information about iPrint 2.1, click here.

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