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Get your Servers properly registered and patched via the Novell Customer Care Center – Part 2


April 16, 2010 12:58 pm





Do you have machines in your Novell Customer Care Center that come up as unknown or just do not look right. Also, please remember that the registration process is CRITICAL to your upgrade success!

– Remove broken Systems from Novell Customer Care Center (NCC)
—Highlight the machine in the NCC and click the minus sign

If this server is an OES2 Server please make sure BOTH product files exist in /var/lib/zypp/db/products – there will be one for SLE and one for OES2. In one case I actually had to obtain a products file from Novell

– Check for ZMD Services Running:
—- ps -eaf | grep zmd

Now stop ZMD
 by finding the pid and kill it with a -9 – it usually hangs for me….(stuck asleep) example 
 kill -9 pid# found above

Now cleanup the registration in question
rm /var/lib/zmd.db
rm /var/lib/zmd/zmd.db
rm /etc/zmd/deviceid
rm /etc/zmd/secret
rm /var/cache/SuseRegister/lastzmdconfig.cache
rm /var/lib/zmd/package-history.db

Now Restart ZMD Services
rczmd start

Now Re-Registe r
suse_register -d 3 -a email=youremailaddress -a regcode-sles=yourslescode -a regcode-oes=youroescode -L register.txt

Now Update the device and it will change from UNKNOWN to a good system in the NCC

Now make sure you have the proper subscription channels: From terminal
rug ref
rug ca

Make sure you are subscribed to both SLE and OES2 Channels AND that there is a “YES” next to each channel. If there is not a “Yes” enter the following command
Rug sub EXACT CHANNEL NAME LISTED – Case sensitive

I hope this helps and AGAIN…..Novell has documented this well. This is just a bit quicker.


Norm O’Neal

2010 Novell Knowledge Partner

Team NTEG / Team NUGI

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